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5 open source chat applications

  1. Cryptocat – An Open Source Encrypted & Private Chat Application

Cryptocat is an open source web-based instant messaging chat application. Unlike other instant messenger tools, it focuses on ensuring that communications are encrypted and personalized.

Cryptocat is based on PHP development, except for static files (CSS, JS and images), only a single PHP file. Its interface is simple and beautiful. The message uses the crypto.js library for AES-256 encryption.

  1. Candy: A JavaScript Powered Multiuser Chat Client

Candy is an open source chat client based on JavaScript development. Support for any Jabber server, including your own server. But the server needs to enable HTTP-binding support. This app supports multiple chat rooms, private chat with multiple users, and the host can even kick and ban users.

Its interface supports multi-lingual parties and can be extended with plugins.

Candy provides good documentation and a complete API that can be easily integrated with other applications or websites.

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  1. JsChat : An Open Source Chat System

Js Chat is an open source chat application that uses a simple JSON-based protocol. Js Chat was developed using Ruby (Sinatra). It has a console client that looks like an IRC client. It is capable of displaying images and YouTube videos. Users can log in using a Twitter account and log using mangodb. With Js Chat users you can create multiple chat rooms. Its protocol is designed to be close to executable code, so it’s easy to create a client.

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  1. Big Blue Button: An Open Source Video Conferencing Chat App

BigBlueButton is an open source video conferencing system that is especially suited for distance education and for standard meetings. The system allows multiple users to log in, share their cameras and simultaneously communicate via VOIP. PDF and Office documents can be presented online, and users can share their desktops with other users. Users can speak up and support group chats and private chats.

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  1. iJab : Open Source Chat Ajax Im Application

iJab is a Web instant messaging client (XMPP Web IM/Web Chat) based on Ajax technology and supporting XMPP/Jabber protocol. iJab is open source software, and anyone can build an instant messaging system that supports XMPP based on iJab. iJab is developed using Javascript and HTML, runs on a browser, and the client does not need to download other programs.

iJab also developed a web instant messaging client called iJabBar, which is similar to the Facebook chat style. Features include:

Embedded browser running, no pop-up sound

Multi-person chat

User search

Roster management


Also supports instant messaging protocols such as MSN and AIM.

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Learn more about the open source applications and their advantages, on this website:


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