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5 Tips To Deck Up Your Instagram Account


Instagram has now become an integral part of our lives and lifestyle. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has vastly gained fame all over the world and across social media. Whether you are up for a date, going to attend a party or a wedding, gifting something to you bae, or maybe stuck in a traffic jam, there is no better option other than the Instagram to let your ‘followers’ know about it.

How to make your Instagram profile charismatic so that it appeals to the eyes of viewers? The silent competition between sisters, classmates or opponents is never-ending in this context. The more you get ‘likes’ and views, the more you are in-demand.

Here are 5 tips to deck up your Instagram account.

1) Post selfies with your pets

In the recent past, a well-famed Hollywood actress posted her alluring picture with her pet kitten. It was a morning selfie clicked in her bedroom and it instantly went viral with over 7000 likes in just one hour. Posting your selfies with your loving pets draws the attention of animal lovers worldwide and in turn, boosts up your Instagram popularity.

2) Your ‘not so private’ moments

We all know about Priyanka Chopra’s recent picture with Nick Jonas in their living room. The picture titled ‘ Home’ was posted on the actress’s Instagram page and gained viral fame across the media, the question arising who clicked it. It’s a common truth that all of us are interested in the personal lives of celebrities. But if common people like us post our little moments with loved ones, it may be of interest to our followers.

3) Lifestyle tricks

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4) Posting pictures with kids

Adorable photos with little ones, be they be your own or those of other people, gain wide popularity across the social networking sites with raising the number of likes at the rate of almost 1000 likes per hour. So go ahead, post your loving moments with those cuddly cuties and get the best possible popularity over the media.

5) The wedding bells

Posting the pictures of your D-Day can get you as many likes as you want as we all get quickly fascinated by the fairy tale of marriage. This day is undoubtedly, the most special day of your life. The pictures should flood your Instagram account to give you fame as well as to store your valuable memories for later reference.

These tips would Buy real Instagram likes more attractive and would invite more likes and followers. Trust these tips, and start clicking your masterpieces.


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