Yeat Net Worth and His Life Journey


Are you wondering about the Yeat net worth and his successful life journey? People love his music and unique talent. This article will describe his early life, Career and Awards, Personal life, Biography, and much more, so stick with it.

Yeat is an American songwriter, producer and rapper from Irvine, California. He is a competent and upcoming star in the music industry. The real name of Yeat is Noah Olivier Smithand he got famous by the stage name Yeat. He came under the limelight after releasing the mixtape 4L and his Up 2 M debut album.

He became more popular after releasing solo hit songs and 2 albums in 2021. Due to his music, he was able to seize the attention of some popular stars in the industry, like Drake, Lil Yachty, and many more. He became a sensational star on the internet after his solo song “Sorry Bout That”, Money Twërk.

Yeat Biography

Real Name Noah Oliver Smith
Nick Name Yeat
Religion Christian
Age 22 years
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 2 inch
Weight 58 kg
Yeat net worth $5 Million
Profession Rappers

Early Life

Yeat was born in Irvine, California, on 26 February 2000. His father was Mexican, while his Mother was from Romania. Then, he migrated to Lake Oswego, Oregon, where he studied at Lakeridge High School.

As a kid, he also participated in games like football and basketball but swiftly recognized that he was not an athletic person. Afterwards, he went astray, became a junkie, and started doing drugs like weed and heroin.

He realized that consuming too much drugs made him extremely lazy and tired, affecting his memory. So, he finally got rid of this bad habit and started focusing on what he wanted to be. He was inspired by some of the famous artists, like Young Thug.

Yeat Career

When he was 15, he started experimenting with his lyrics. He developed a series of strange and innovative tracks but later deleted them from the internet. He started rapping under Lil Yeat at the start of his music career. The origin of his nickname came from joining the two words” Yeet” and “Heat.”

He released his first mixtape, titled Deep Blue Strips, in 2018. Due to his unique autotune, he became popular among the rapper community. His music stimulated the other big names in the rap industry, and he became one of the most favorable rappers in the rap community.

From this, he got a breakthrough in his career and started getting acknowledged. In 2019, he released 3 more mixtapes, including Wake Up Call, his first music video for the track Stay Up.

He collaborated with Sibo and Yeat and dropped a second mixtape. By the end of the year, he dropped a song named “I Am So Me” and collaborated with other famous artists like Weezy and 1050 as well.

In 2020, he promised his fans that he would release Different Creature 2 but created two different extended playlists. The first extended play was released, titled “We Us”, which was quickly carried out by Hold On.

Later, in 2021, he was cheered by the audiences on various social media platforms like Soundcloud, Tik Tok and others. In 2021 he released a mixtape named 4L, which became a gigantic hit. Later. His debut album, Up to Më, was also released, which had some famous single songs, Sorry Bout That, Money So Big. His song “Money So Big” went viral on TikTok and gave him more fame and success. Afterwards, he released two more albums named 2 Alivë and Lyfë.

Relationship and Love

There are various rumors circulating on the social media platform regarding yeat past and present relationships. Fans are astonished to know he is having a date with a Non-Celebrity American, but Yeat didn’t respond. He appeared to be single and not married.

Yeat Net Worth

He is one of the rising stars in the rapper community. Yeat net worth grossed about $5 Million and he released 4 Mix tapes, 2 Studio albums and 5EPs.

Due to his talent, he became successful in a short time and grabbed the attraction of different labels with whom he worked with Field Trip Records, TwizzyRich Entertainment, and Geffen Records.

His income mostly comes from live shows, hit singles, record sales, royalties collaborating with other rappers and live streaming. Due to this, his worth started increasing over the years.

He got more fame after the release of his mixtape 4L  and gained more appreciation after the release of his album Up 2 Më.

Apart from owning luxurious cars and vehicles, he owns an avid muscle car. His favourites are the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

Yeat social media accounts

As a celebrity, he knows the importance of actively presence on social media accounts.

  • Mostly, celebrities use Twitter for swift updates. He owns a Twitter account under the name of (@yeat) with 279.8k followers, where he shares his personal pictures, thoughts, and short videos of his music and engages fans through retweets and tweets.
  • He has an Instagram account named (@yeat) with 2.7 Million followers, where he shares his pictures and interacts with fans through comments and DMs.
  • He has a YouTube channel (@Yeat Music) with 817K subscribers, where he shares his music videos and short reels.


Yeat’s career and successes in the music and entertainment industries are reflected in his wealth. He has a sizable fan base because of his skill as a rapper, and he has also taken advantage of numerous profitable possibilities that have improved his financial situation. Yeat net worth exact breakdown may change depending on the most recent data. However, It is clear that his commitment to his art and his capacity for audience engagement have been crucial to his professional success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real name of Yeat?

His real name is Noah Oliver Smith

What is the total Yeat Net Worth?

The yeat rapper net worth is valued at $5 Million.

How tall is Yeat?

He is 5 foot 9 inches tall

What is the age of Yeat?

Yeat is 23 years old, born on 26 February 2000.


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