How Much Is Vanna White Net Worth?


So you want to know Vanna White Net Worth? but first lets know a little bit about Vanna White! whose full name is Vanna Marie Rosich and she was born in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on February 18, 1957. Vanna White is one of the most famous TV personalities in America. She is an actor, a model, and a great hostess. 

She became interested in television when she was studying earlier education at Atlantic Christian College (now Barton College). Later on, she went to Atlanta school of fashion and design where she acted as a model. In 1979 she moved to Los Angeles to promote his career in acting.  

She was a beauty contestant in Miss Georiga and from that point onward, she worked in one episode of The Price Is Right. She became famous when she started to act as the hostess in Wheel of Fortune, a popular television game show.

Early life

Vanna White was an infant when her parents divorced. Her mother Joan Marie Rosich married Herbert White Jr. Her mother and stepfather, Herbert White Jr., raised her. Vanna travelled to Atlanta after graduating from high school to continue her career in acting.

In 1982, she auditioned for Wheel of Fortune and won the role over 1,000 other applicants. Since then, she has become an American icon and has starred in several other television shows and movies. 

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Personal life

Vanna White is a well-known American television personality who co-hosted the game show Wheel of Fortune. For the most frequent clapping, she set a Guinness World Record. White dated John Gibson in the 1980s and eventually became engaged Gibson died in a plane crash in 1986.

White married chef George San Pietro in 1990.  They divorced in 2002. Nicholas Santo Pietro are the children of Vanna White and George San Pietro.

Nicholas, their son, was born in 1994, and Giovanna, their daughter, was born in 1997. White went on to enjoy a long-lasting relationship with real estate entrepreneur John Donaldson.


Vanna began her career at a very young age and worked diligently to improve her skills as a TV presenter and actress. She first came to national attention as the co-host of the syndicated game show, “Wheel of Fortune”, in 1982. 

She has been the sole hostess since 1990. From 1983 to 1989, she was also the head writer for the show. She has also starred in several films over the years, including Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult (1994) and Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge (2008), and other hit movies. 

Today, Vanna is one of America’s most well-known personalities and continues to entertain audiences around the world with her wit and charm. Besides being an accomplished TV star, she is also a successful businesswoman who has launched numerous product lines over the years. Her fans admire her not only for her talents but also for how down-to-earth she remains despite all of her success.

Vanna White Net Worth

There’s no doubt that Vanna White is a wealthy woman. She has been part of the popular game show, Wheel of Fortune, since 1982 and has amassed quite a fortune in that time. Vanna White’s net worth is expected to be at $70 million in 2022.

Most of her wealth comes from her work on Wheel of Fortune where she earns an annual salary of $10 million. This salary makes her one of the highest-paid TV personalities in America and it’s clear to see why – with over 6,000 episodes under her belt, she knows the ropes! In addition to this income stream, Vanna also owns several properties around America which are thought to be worth millions each.

 These include a house in California as well as apartments located in both Florida and New York City.

She has many other talents and assets outside of television. For starters, Vanna is a very beautiful woman who maintains her looks with healthy eating habits and regular exercise. In addition, she demonstrates great poise, intelligence, and charisma both onscreen and off. These qualities have helped her maintain a long career in entertainment spanning more than three decades. 

Perhaps most importantly, Vanna has always been true to herself and stayed grounded despite achieving massive success at a young age. This consistency has earned her respect from fans and colleagues alike over the years. Ultimately, it’s these traits – along with her natural talent for hosting shows – that have made Vanna White into an icon in American pop culture.


  •  In 1987, some Wheel of Fortune fans were astonished to see White on the cover of Playboy magazine, staring back at them. There were lewd images of a seminude White within. While admirers were perplexed by White’s job choice, he refused to appear in the magazine. Hugh Hefner, the publisher, bought images White agreed to pose for in 1982, before she was employed for Wheel, to help her pay her rent.
  • A contestant accurately predicted that the board’s solution was a revelation about White during a recording of a show in September 1992. It said Vanna’s pregnant to announce White’s first child was on the way.
  • White has frequently acknowledged the peculiar nature of her employment, which entails dressing up and turning or touching letters while playing the game. It pays not to wear the same dress again in this heightened reality, and White is reported to have worn about 6700 gowns during her term. 


Vanna White is one of the most well-known game show hosts in American history. She has been hosting Wheel of Fortune since 1982, making her one of the longest-running game show hosts ever. Vanna is known for her bubbly personality and engaging style with contestants and viewers alike. Her longtime tenure on Wheel of Fortune has made her a pop culture icon, and she remains one of America’s favorite TV personalities.

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