Tom Segura Net Worth: Popular  Comedian And Podcaster


As comedians and podcasters become more prominent, people are curious to know about Tom Segura net worth and earnings. For more than 20 years, he has been a prominent figure in the entertainment world. Over the years, he has amassed substantial fame and wealth. Tom Segura’s fortune is mainly the result of comedy. But because Segura is a master of all crafts, he has also amassed a fortune through various other activities in the entertainment sectors like Acting, screenwriting, writing books, and podcasting.

Who is Tom Segura?

The real name of Tom Segura is Thomas Weston Segura. Standup comedian Tom Segura also writes, performs, and has a podcast. He has some outstanding writing and acting credits, but his comedic performances makes him well-known. His personality is adorable, and his appearance is so attractive.

Early Life

On April 16, 1979, Thomas Segura was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. A Peruvian father and an American mother with Spanish, Cajun, and French-Canadian ancestry brought him up. Despite experiencing at least one significant drug-related incident, Tom, raised with two sisters, performed well enough in high school to get into college.

When he was 18, he overdosed on GHB and briefly fell unconscious. But Luckily, he recovered. Segura has lived all around the country during his lifetime, including Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Vero Beach, Florida. He enrolled in Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina after graduating from high school.

Tom Segura’s Parents, Wife, And Kids

Tom Segura was raised in a mixed family. His mother is French Canadian, while his father is Peruvian. Segura is married to fellow comic Christina Pazsitzky, and Tom Segura kids are two: Ellis, a son, and Julian, a daughter.

On their podcast “Your Mom’s House,” they frequently relate tales of family life, and Segura has made jokes about the difficulties of trying to support a family and a comedy career at the same time. Tom Segura typically values family; in his professional and personal life, he has incorporated his multicultural upbringing and his family’s experiences.

Tom Segura Podcast

Segura started a podcast as well. He and his wife, fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky, started “Your Mom’s House,” a podcast, in 2010.

The show is one of the most popular podcasts on websites like YouTube, with an average of two million impressions per episode. Standup comedians and other noteworthy guests from the entertainment and popular culture industries are featured on several episodes.

Comedians including Kevin Nealon, Hasan Minhaj, Josh Wolf, Pauly Shore, Steve Byrne, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Chris Distefano, Duncan Trussell, and Fortune Feimster have appeared in recently released episodes.

Along with non-comedic guests like Brendon Urie, Big Daddy Kane, and Too Short, actresses Rob Iler, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Alyssa Milano, and Elizabeth Lail, public personalities Cesar Millan and Rhett & Link, and mature actors Alexis Fawx and Kate Kennedy also appeared.


Tom Segura started his standup comedy career after graduating from college and has since performed at various gatherings and locations nationwide. During these early years, he worked day jobs such as interning, and transcribing television shows while performing comedy at night.

Segura began giving notable comedy festivals and events performances as his career progressed. These include the Vancouver Global Comedy Festival, the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, the Comedy Festival, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He became popular after placing among the top three contestants in his region on “Last Comedy Standing 2.”

Tom has appeared on television in “Comedy Central Presents” and “Live at Gotham.” His “Completely Normal” comedy special for Netflix debuted in 2014. The albums “Mostly Stories,” “Disgraceful,” and “Ball Hog,” the latter of which was published in 2020, were Segura’s subsequent three releases. Tom has also made appearances in a few movies, such as “Countdown,” “Instant Family,” and “The Opening Act.”

Tom Segura Net Worth 2023

Currently Tom Segura’s net worth is $15 million. Fans will continue to fill the seats at Segura’s performances since his standup is among the greatest in the industry.

Segura’s fan base has risen tremendously due to the publication of his book and podcast.

Segura is regarded as one of the most successful standup comedies in the business, and his value tends to rise as time passes.

What is Tom Segura net worth in past years?

Tom Segura net worth 2024 in the past year is given below:

Net worth in 2022 $10 Million
Net worth in 2021 $9 Million
Net worth in 2020 $8 Million
Net worth in 2019 $7 Million

Tom Segura Social Media

Tom Segura social media accounts are given below:

Tom Segura youtube @tomsegura 556K followers
Tom Segura Twitter @tomsegura 914.5k followers
Tom Segura TikTok seguratom 687.1k followers
Tom Segura Facebook Tom Segura 691k followers

Tom Segura Real Estate

Tom Segura’S wife also built substantial holdings through their significant real estate market activity. They invested $1.6 million in Woodland Hills, Califo.

Narnia, house in 2016. This house has a lagoon-style pool, hardwood floors, a gated fence, and traditional decor. Five bedrooms and 4,619 square feet of living space are other attractions. They put this house on the market in 2020 for $2 million.

Tom Segura Assets

Tom Segura is well known for his love of luxury automobiles and has owned several of them over the years.

Tom Segura Cars Collection

Some of the most unique vehicles are in Tom Segura’s impressive collection of vehicles. He has a Range Rover, Volvo XC90, Cadillac CTS, Chevrolet Camaro GT, and other vehicles. Tom enjoys driving cars and has a passion for them.


In America, Tom Segura enjoys enormous fame. He possesses many assets and liabilities, including real estate properties. He owns homes in Los Angeles and Ohio, and the most stunning of all the houses he owns is a sizable one in Beverly Hills.

Facts about Tom Segura

Stephen Colbert interviewed Segura while he was a Late Show Pod Show guest. On the broadcast, he presented Colbert with a leather jacket.

Tom Segura likes motor vehicles. He owns a collection of stunning automobiles, and one of the highlights is the Chevrolet Camaro GT.

On the comic podcast show 2 Bears, I Cave, Tom Segura was joined by actor Bert Kreischer.

Tom Segura has a keen interest in the real estate sector. Together with his wife Cristina, he has successfully flipped some houses. In 2020, they sold Cassius Marsh of the NFL their Woodland Hills residence. For the house in Pacific Palisades they had flipped in 2021, they were paid $7 million.

Famous Quotes by Tom Segura

  • “I was about 17 or 18 years old, and Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain’ came out, and I was obsessed. You know, it just hit on everything that was going on at that time and was such an in-the-moment special, and he knocked it out of the park.”
  • “I don’t want to lose weight to live long or be healthy. I want to be able to make fun of fat people again and know for sure that they’re fatter than me.”
  • “People will say, ‘What’s your favorite part of Cincinnati? I’m like, ‘I was nine, man. I liked recess and having snacks. I didn’t go anywhere. I was a kid.”

Tom Segura’s Life Lesson

Working hard pays off in spades.

Since making his comedic debut in 2001, Tom Segura has demonstrated extraordinary tenacity. His comparatively high net worth proves that perseverance can eventually yield enormous rewards.

You can master all trades while also being a jack of them.

Segura’s success as a comedian, actor, and podcaster demonstrates that working on several projects simultaneously and succeeding in each is feasible.

Spending money on things that bring you joy is acceptable.

Tom Segura spends a lot on his passion for collecting cars and spending his money in other ways to make money.


He is a well-known actor, comedian, writer, and podcast. Estimated Tom Segura net worth of $15 million. He has built a successful career in the entertainment industry through his standup comedy specials, TV appearances, and podcasts. Because of his keen observational humor and casual attitude, Segura’s fan base has steadily grown. The several initiatives currently under progress should increase Tom Segura’s fortune in the upcoming years.


How Old Is Tom Segura?

Tom Segura is 43 years old.

Where Does Tom Segura Live?

He lives in Austin, Texas.

How much does Tom Segura make per show?

He earns an estimated $30000 make per show.

What is Tom Segura height?

His height is 1.82m.

How much does it cost to book Tom Segura?

The price for hiring Tom Segura for a performance at a venue changes with the size of the audience and how long the show will last. For well-known comedians like Segura, booking costs typically run from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How did he get famous?

Through his stand-up comedy specials and television appearances, Tom Segura became well-known. His performance on the Comedy Central program “Live at Gotham” in 2007 marked the beginning of his remarkable rise to popularity. He has since produced numerous popular stand-up specials on Netflix.


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