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Why WhatsApp Not Showing DP Of Few Contacts?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular and amazing messaging apps. There are millions of Whatsapp users, as it connects us with our friends and family. WhatsApp makes everyone’s life enjoyable and more attractive. But there are a few things we need to maintain. As it is online, we need to take care of privacy which is very important. There are few privacy controls in Whatsapp only like blocking unwanted contacts, hiding last seen, hide Profile picture, etc. Now, all these privacy are in our hands, we need to adjust it how we want to keep our privacy.

It is very important to keep privacy in WhatsApp as we keep our pictures on Display/ Profile Picture. It is online so, we can’t trust anyone as so many bad things happen. You can keep the privacy of who can see your Display Picture, Last Seen, Status. Depends on you what you choose. Now, what if you can’t see your Display Picture of few of your contacts? What is the reason for WhatsApp Group DP Not Showing of Few Contacts? Let us check it out.

WhatsApp Not Showing DP Of Few Contacts

If you can’t see the DP of few contacts on your Phone then you must first check out Profile Picture visibility settings. Then DELETE that contact number from the list and save it again with a different Name. And then refresh your WhatsApp list.

Even after doing this you can’t see the Display Picture than, repeat the same process vice-versa. Ask your contact whose Profile picture is not showing to delete your number from the contact and save it again with a different name. And then tell them to refresh the Whatsapp contact list and you also refresh it. This trick will work for you.

Everyone knows that we can’t see others Profile Picture until that person saves your contact number with a name on their phone. Sometimes it may show if the only number is saved without a name because of the system cache. So, now you can easily keep privacy on whom you want to show your DP in Whatsapp and for those whom you don’t want to show your picture you can delete their contact number from your phone. Once the number is deleted that person can’t see your Display Picture. The same thing applies for Group also.

Refresh Your Whatsapp Contact List

Once you are done with deleting and adding contact number on your phone, you need to refresh your Whatsapp Contact list to see that number.

  • Open Whatsapp and on the Top right corner and click on “+” button.
  • There it will show you all contacts, then click on the OPTION key and hit the REFRESH button

That’s it! Your contact list is refreshed and now you can see your contacts if you have added.


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