The New Normal: Helping Parents with Kids Studying Online


Schools will continue to open despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but not in the way we’re used to. Officials have confirmed that schools in the Philippines will not reopen in the near future, meaning students will have to enroll in online classes to continue their education for the time being.

That may not be the ideal solution for most students, but it is the safest and most convenient option compared to letting them travel to and from school every day. As parents who want their kids to make the most out of their education, you might be able to help your children adjust to the new normal as they take online middle school here in the Philippines.

Here are a few tips to help them cope with the new normal and slowly adjust to the new distance learning approach come August.

Make Your Home Conducive to Learning

One of the differences between studying at home and studying in school is that your child doesn’t have to get up early to get ready, travel to school so they won’t be late, and stay in a school where teachers monitor their behavior. Now that they’re studying online, their home, in a sense, also becomes their school. And just like those working from home, this can affect their mental well-being now that their school and personal life can easily mix up.

As a parent, it’s essential to establish boundaries and make your home as conducive to learning as possible. If they don’t have one already, invest in a desk and comfortable chair and place it in a quiet area in your home with a steady internet signal. Avoid allowing your kids to attend online classes on their bed, as it can be tempting to fall asleep.

Establish a Schedule

To help retain a sense of normalcy, you should establish a school schedule that works for your child. While some online schools follow a strict schedule, others have much more flexible options and allow students to attend classes at their own pace. It might be useful for you to establish class hours to help your child create a school-life balance.

By establishing a schedule, your child can learn at their own pace and have time to relax rather than becoming stressed by spending the whole day studying (which is much longer than the ordinary school day).

It’s essential to establish a schedule because burnout can add unnecessary emotional and mental stress to your child. Give them the rest of the day to relax, unwind, play outside, or watch Disney princess movies with the family to prepare them mentally for the next day.

Limit Possible Distractions

Now that your kids aren’t studying in a classroom, their teachers can only see as far as your child’s camera can let them. It may become your job to remind your child to focus on their studies during class hours. If necessary, avoid having unnecessary and disruptive gadgets like smartphones and gaming devices nearby, as it can be tempting for them to use it during classes.

During their class hours, avoid asking your children to do chores or any household work. Pets and younger siblings should be kept away from them while studying. If necessary, install website blockers to prevent your child from browsing social media and other distracting websites.

For students who have never undergone online classes, getting used to the new setup may be a challenge. But with supportive parents, an excellent online program, and the right environment, they may be able to adapt and continue their education despite the current circumstances.


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