Assignment Writing Services vs. Chat GPT: Which Is the Best Shortcut to Academic Success?


For decades, students have been struggling with their college assignments. Being a student ultimately means having your schedule packed with loads of lectures, deadlines, exams, assignments, and, of course, stress. On top of that, many students are forced to work while studying, which makes the situation even more tangled.

The good news, though, is that you can get rid of stress and make your life simple. For years, assignment help platforms have been coming to students’ rescue and helping them achieve success. A respectful assignment writing service like PaperWriter can connect you with the best experts in your field and bring you an A with no stress.

Now, there is also another new solution to your college struggles – GPT Chat. Some say that it has the potential to replace trusted assignment help platforms. But is it so? Read a detailed comparison of professional assignment help and ChatGPT to learn which solution is your best bet!

Upsides and Downsides of GPT Chat

AI-powered tools have taken the world by storm not so long ago. And GPT chat is among the most trending ones.

What is Chat GPT, you may wonder? In short, it’s an AI built based on a natural language processing model. It can create human-like dialog, answer your questions, help generate ideas, and even write assignments for you. And if you decide to give it a try in academic writing, a few upsides and downsides are waiting for you.


  1. No fees – You can access the possibilities of AI without paying a cent.
  2. Simplicity – Getting started with the bot is seamless and doesn’t take much time.
  3. Rapidity – Unlike humans, a machine can generate content in seconds.


  1. No human traits – While an assignment writing service expert can offer you their expertise, knowledge, and creativity, the bot lacks these human traits, which can mean no originality.
  2. AI detection – Many tools like GPTZero can tell your professor if your assignment contains AI content.
  3. Second-rate quality – The quality of content produced by AI equals the quality of source material used to train it, so poor quality is a strong possibility.
  4. Fact-checking issues – The OpenAI chat isn’t trained to analyze and filter out the data, so the accuracy of information might suffer.
  5. Bounded functionality – The bot can’t cope with everything, unlike a professional assignment help platform.
  6. Possible technical issues – ChatGPT has “high times” and might experience other glitches that can affect its availability and the results it provides.

Upsides and Downsides of Assignment Writing Services

In contrast to ChatGPT, assignment writing help services are neither new nor rare to college students. Being around for years, these platforms were the students’ holy grail that can assist them in any situation and help them achieve success. But just like AI, these services also have certain upsides and downsides.


  1. Custom assistance – Assignment help experts give you personalized attention and help, which results in better quality.
  2. Uniqueness – Professionals can bring a unique vision to your assignments and ensure a 100% plagiarism-free result.
  3. Security – Trusted online assignment help platforms use advanced technology to protect your private data.
  4. Variety of help options – An assignment writing service is a place where you can order any kind of task on any topic.
  5. Experts at hand – Instead of getting an assignment generated by the bot, assignment writing services give you an assignment completed by a proven expert in your area of study.
  6. Topic expertise – Unlike a bot, assignment writing experts have their knowledge and expertise in your topic and can tap into ideas that you may not even have considered.


  1. There’s no instant result – Human experts can’t produce content in a flash. But you can get your assignments done as quickly as in 6 hours.
  2. Revisions are there – When you don’t like something in the completed assignment, you might require revisions that take additional time. But this is also an opportunity to get the best quality.
  3. Assignment help is paid – Yes, you can’t get professionals to work on your tasks for free, but you can do it at an affordable price.

What’s the Reputation Behind Assignment Help Services and ChatGPT?

To make a wise choice between these two options, it’s also important to understand the standing of each in the market.

Unlike the innovation by OpenAI, professional assignment help services have a much better standing in the industry. These platforms have been helping students succeed for many years already and, thus, have long earned trust and affection.

ChatGPT, as you know, has been here for only a year. This is a new player that still doesn’t have a firm reputation. Despite several benefits, this tool has certain downsides. It limits the number of generated characters to 4096 and rids your assignments of the human creative approach. It also has limits in terms of quality, customization, and features. And it’s easy to detect too. That’s why there were already a few cases when students received rough penalties, such as expulsion, for using ChatGPT.

Assignment Help vs. ChatGPT: The Verdict

Both of these options have the potential to change your student life for the better. With their help, you can get your assignments done faster, with less stress and effort. However, they aren’t the same.

Although AI writing might have a few perks, it’s still an innovation and has plenty of things to be yet improved. It limits your possibilities and can’t secure the best results. But a reputable assignment help provider can.

Thus, we highly recommend students stick to the trusted option. Delegating your tasks to a reliable assignment writing service like PaperWriter is a surefire way to score A’s with ease. So don’t risk your academic performance and get professional assistance!


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