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Technology: The Science of Today


Science is being called studying the nature and actions that happen in the natural world. Applying these actions into devices can create wonders. For example, Sophia, the humanoid robot invented by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. It is tremendous to know what actions can be performed by Sophia, it is a voice recognition system which gets better with its intelligence designed through Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs. It interacts with people, gives interviews and tries to mock human behaviour.

            Technology is the backbone behind wonders like Sophia Robot. It would not be wrong if we say “Technology is turning out to be the modern world Science”. Any device that makes life simpler and is implemented by the Principles of Science is a new Technology. Technology is driven by new needs which can be implemented through many different concepts. Some of the leading technologies that has changed the view of technology drastically leading to several people looking up to it are:

  • Artificial Intelligence is known to be the intelligence depicted by machines which is very close to human intelligence. Technology is growing so rapidly that efforts are made to imitate human emotions as well.
  • Blockchain works as a ledger that holds the information about data transactions which can verified efficiently because the data stored is hashed. Cryptography has marked its importance in data security and integrity.
  • Internet-of-Things (IOT) is basically a system containing devices, environments, people, etc that interact with each other through the Internet. It is mainly used to automate tasks. For example, home automation is done using sensors, the home environment and helps people with the automatic functioning of many tasks.
  • Augmented Reality has made imagination easier by displaying simulations, images, videos, etc in a 3D view which makes tasks like explanation, demonstration easier.
  • Big Data refers to the humungous data that is generated over the Internet. This raw data can be processed to get useful information which can be used to analyse many trends and patterns.

Technology has marked its importance in human life to a very great extent. In various fields like health-care, business, education, defence, household, etc. technology has many applications and these implementations of technology are directly related to science. Some of the examples which have been remarkable in the field of technology are:

  • Self-driving cars are one of the noticeable inventions of technology which has used artificial intelligence and IOT to a great extent. Google self-driving car is a good example to be explored.
  • Satellites launched by ISRO are so advanced compared to those few years ago, which are able to reach greater distances, capture more information and discover many new elements of space.
  • Robots are another invention in technology that is evolving in amazing ways. Personal robots and humanoid robots bring a huge mark in the field of technology. Mitra is one of them built by Invento Robotics in Bengaluru.
  • Medical field has been best benefitted from technology in different means. Recently, a plastic surgery was performed by a doctor who was miles away from the patient. There are many such miracles performed by technology in medical field.
  • Food Delivery Applications has made busy life so easy that people living at any location can track food delivery on their smart phones. Delivering food in an efficient way was a need of many people which when combined with technology has given rise to huge network of businesses like Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

    Technology as a concept has been taught in Engineering and is directly related to the concept of Engineering, Designing and Manufacturing. Many of the trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IOT, Blockchain are part of Engineering courses, especially the Computer Science and Engineering discipline has a huge part to play in these technologies. Many colleges in India have advanced their curriculum to these advanced technologies. Engineering Colleges in Pune like Manipal Institute of Technology, Pune Institute of Computer Technology have been notable in implementing these technologies in their curriculum and experimenting in various such fields.

            Technology has been a boon to the modern to a great extent. Its utilities have been growing very rapidly and marking its importance in almost every field. You might also like to know – the powerful lights mounted on your head. Learn more about the impact of advancement in technology on our daily life, on this website:


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