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How to do broadband speed slow solution? [Photo]


The use of broadband has brought us a lot of convenience, but when we use broadband, we will encounter various problems. For example, the most common one is that the broadband speed is relatively slow, so the reason why the broadband speed is slow is the setting of the computer. There was a problem, or there was a problem with the broadband cat. Then, Theencarta will introduce the relevant solutions to you in detail. I hope that through the introduction of Theencarta, everyone can also have some understanding of these methods, which can help you solve practical problems.

method one,

  1. Click the Start menu, click the Run command, type the msconfig command in the Open box, and click the OK button.
  2. Open the System Configuration Utility window and switch to the Startup tab.

3, in addition to retaining the “ctfmon” startup project (this project is the process input of the system input method, if the project is removed, it will cause the input method can not be booted), the rest of the check box is removed, click “OK” ” button, pops up the “You must restart your computer for some changes made by the system configuration to take effect” prompt dialog box, please click the “Exit without restart” button (Note: users with special needs please according to their own It is necessary to keep the corresponding startup project).

  1. Then click the “Start” button in the lower left corner, and click the “Control Panel” item on the right side of the menu window.
  2. Find the “Network Connection” item in the open control window and double-click it to open it.
  3. Right click on “ Local Area Connection ” and click the “Properties” command from the pop-up menu.
  4. Go to the “Local Area Connection Properties” interface. Under the “General” tab, double-click “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” in the following list of items.
  5. Open the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” Properties window and select ” ” and ” General” in the “General” interface.″ (You can also fill in the corresponding data provided by the local network operator), click “OK” after the setting is completed.

Method Two,

  1. Check if your cat’s link light is blinking frequently

\Before, the author’s cat’s link light flashed frequently. When the link was normal, it was always on, the link light flashed, and the broadband was dropped. The main problem was here.

  1. Confirm that the indoor line is connected properly.

In general, limited broadband users are mostly rural, so there are outdoor lines and indoor lines. If the time for installing the broadband is not long and there is no external force damage, the outdoor circuit is not prone to problems. The problem with the line is usually in the indoor circuit. Check the crystal plug (especially the two crystal plugs connecting the splitter and the cat) and reinsert it. Pull it out.

  1. Check if the cat is overheated

Touch the cat with your hand and touch it everywhere to see if it is overheated. If it is, please pay attention to heat dissipation. You can use a wire to make a simple shelf for the cat, and hold the cat up high to facilitate the cat’s heat dissipation. Because the cat receives the signal, it generates a lot of heat. If the heat is not good, the cat will automatically drop the line. Also, keep the cat away from the computer (especially the computer cooling holes). The author put the cat on the iron shelf, originally placed near the computer cooling hole, the cat’s base is still very hot, the cat frequently dropped. (Please see the picture, the left side is often dropped, the right side will not fall), if you can not solve the cat’s heat dissipation problem, please replace the new cat with better heat dissipation performance.

4, restart the cat

Sometimes the quality of the cat is not good, and it may be dropped for a long time. At this time, please turn off the power button of the cat, stop it for a while, then wait for the link light to be on again.

5, eliminate interference sources

  Be careful to keep your cat near tidy, don’t put too much debris, don’t put mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, etc. nearby. These are all sources of interference that can cause the cat to automatically drop. The reason is that they are prone to noise on the line, and noise can degrade the signal quality.

6, call the customer service

Sometimes the broadband network is slow and often dropped. It is related to the computer room. It may be that the line is being repaired there. Please call to confirm. Do not play more than once.

Regarding the related issues of what should be done when the broadband speed is relatively slow, Theencarta will introduce you here briefly. If everyone’s broadband speed is relatively slow, you may wish to follow the method described in the small series to set up one by one, not only to set up the computer, but also to carefully check whether the broadband cat can work normally. If, after these operations, the broadband speed is still relatively slow, you need to ask professional maintenance personnel for testing and maintenance.

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