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Five important application development trends developers must know


according to foreign reports, in recent months, three large-scale developer conferences have been held. We have heard a variety of different ideas about what an application might do in the future.

Social networking Facebook talks about chat bots and sees them as an effective way to the “post-application world.” Google (microblogging) launched a series of applications that deeply integrate artificial intelligence. Apple gives developers greater access to their various platform tools, such as the voice assistant Siri.

After this upsurge, the author was fortunate to interview Marshall Nu, chief operating officer of App Annie, a leader in mobile applications and data analytics. We talked about the trend of future application development. Here are the five main points in this interview.

  1. High return. In 2015, App Annie claimed that apps (mainly apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) created $50 billion in revenue for developers. In the next few years, this number is expected to continue to climb.
  2. The regional differences are widened. The Asian app market is now twice the size of the US app market. In the next few years, the size of both markets is expected to double. However, this also means that the gap between the Asian and American markets will continue to widen.
  3. Video applications continue to be hot. Last year became a breakthrough year for video streaming applications. We are mainly talking about some of the larger video streaming services, such as Netflix and HBO Now. Last year, these apps generated revenues that tripled. This means that users are ready to use their smartphone or tablet as their first screen.
  4. Europe’s status as a gaming center will not be shaken. Europe will still be the center of the gaming app. Just last month, Marshall said that six of the top ten game apps came from Europe, three of which were from France.
  5. The robot does not slow down the development of the application. Marshall said that chat bots are a new direction of development and people are excited. However, as App Annie’s statistics show, they do not replace or slow down the development of applications. Instead, he expects that in the short term, chat bots will be integrated with the application, and they will generate revenue that will exceed the revenue generated by any current application. Learn more about development trends and various technologies on this website:


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