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5 best to build an application framework with AngularJS


If you plan to build your own web application with AngularJS, now is the time to start. If this idea scares you, remove all panic, there are some frameworks from your mind, and AngularJS provides convenient support. There are some pre-frames that use the framework if you want to build a web app that runs fast and is perfect for the network components you install. Here is a list of five such frameworks that can help you build an AngularJS web-based application:

1.AngularUI Bootstrap

This framework is built on the popular front-end framework that guides. It contains a set of boot widgets such as carousels, alarms, crashes, ratings and time options. All components are ported to use AngularJS directives and custom HTML elements. If you like to use self-help then this framework will be very helpful to you.

2.Angular Foundation

This is also a popular framework that can be ported using AngularJS. It changes the basic components to use AngularJS instructions and custom HTML elements, you can build web applications through HTML elements, it may be that you love this framework than the previous one. In this case the base of the download corner is updated in the project development via the GitHub page.

3.Ionic Framework

Ions include some solid building blocks that can be developed very easily and quickly for mobile applications. The components of the Ion Frame are optimized for the mobile experience, UI components based on touch and gestures are made up of custom HTML elements, and there are also creators of ions that help to build an easier and faster way to apply an option so if performance And speed is critical to you, then the ion framework is your best solution.

4.Mobile Angular UI

The mobile angle UI is a mobile UI framework and it’s an extension of the Bootstrap framework, which can build mobile apps faster. It uses Bootstrap 3 syntax with some specific moving parts, which also helps to add a mobile version of a web application to CSS to make content sensitive and touchable.

5.UI Grid

This is probably the best way to work if you are a grid or AngularJS. The framework has a rich set of features that can display simple and complex grid datasets. Learn more about different types of programming languages and frameworks being used to develop high-quality applications, on this website:


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