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Sublime Style: 5 Things To Look For In Aluminium Doors


Sliding doors are a joy for any home. Not only do they amplify any beautiful day, but they provide flowing ventilation, improve your indoor/outdoor vibe and give the resale value a serious boost. Yes, they are a dream for any homeowner, creating a much more beautiful atmosphere and airing out the space!

But to get the perfect design for your home you need to make a few considerations in regards to the design and its provider. Because, after all, there is big difference between a builder who has the skills and experience to produce something stunning, and those whose designs will get caught on their hinges:

Look for an experienced team

You don’t want to go with any fly-by-night operation, as they may not have the skills, experience or passion to create the best style. You want to find the team that is going to build the most incredible aluminium sliding doors Melbourne has, ensuring they tick every box when it comes to style, efficiency and customer service!

Therefore, you should start by doing some research and finding a team that has been in the business for at least a few years of experience in providing this imperative service. To do so, you can consult your prospective builder or take a look at their website – they should be able to tell you how long they have been in the industry through their “about” section (which will also detail their industry history!).

Take a look at the design options

On any good builders website you will be able to see a range of design options pertaining to this particular style. Here, you might find the exact style you are looking for, or you may see that there is the perfect potential to alter a particular style and make it uniquely yours.

So, simply find the sliding doors section on the builder’s website and take a look through their design portal – you will be able to find plenty of info pertaining to their designs right there!

Do they offer a range of different services & designs?

Whilst it’s great to go straight to the site looking for one particular design, you may also find a range of extended services and design styles that you may want to incorporate through the rest of the house. Whether it be a different door design for a different entrance or some stunning new sliding windows to complement your entranceways, a solid builder should be able to offer a range of different design options!

Do they provide interstate delivery?

You may come across a designer that is located in a different part of Australia but you still really want their particular style. Thankfully, today’s logistical systems should allow the company to deliver interstate, ensuring you can have the beautiful designs for your home regardless of where the company is located!

Do they offer customisation?

Because why not add your own personal touches to your design? It could be the difference between something you like and something you really love. And, after all, it’s your home, so you should truly love the style you choose and be more than happy to do home renovation to enjoy for years to come.

Be sure to make these five imperative considerations when choosing your new design – they will help you find the perfect style for your home!


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