Line Rider 2 Unblocked Games at School for Kids to Play in Free Time on PC


Line Rider 2 unblocked game is one of the top-rated games of its kind. I know there are many guys and girls including kids love to play the game in their free time. Well, of course, the game line rider unblocked is not at all blocked in your schools or colleges. The game was created and developed by Bostjan Cadez in the year 2006. Since the launch of the game, developers always put their efforts into giving us new features.

Why do People Love the Game?

Here are the reasons why people love the game. The advanced features of the game made many guys addicted. The graphics and the way they are designed are so eye-catching. The flow of the game is as simple as a fluid flow and it’s awesome. The scenery and the backgrounds they used in the game made many guys love the way it was designed. That is one more advantage of the game along with the background music.

About Line Rider Unblocked Games

The game line rider unblocked is specially designed for kids. Of course, the young guys and girls can also play and enjoy. The game has gained huge popularity since its launch. One more cool fact about the game is that it is featured on many big websites like Yahoo etc. The Gameplay of the game line rider is also simple yet effective.

Any Versions?

There are a few versions available for this game. In this article, i am going to help you download or play the Line Rider 2 unblocked game at school. You can also find the line rider 1,2,3 versions and later from the developer side. Keep checking GamesClix for the Best Unblocked Games for Kids.

Now :

In the section below, I have shown you the exact way I played the game. Follow the instructions given below to play the game at its best.

How to Play Line Rider 2 Unblocked Game at School on Windows PC or Laptop

The major concept of the game is to draw the lines. Let me tell you in detail about the game and it’s gameplay before going to know the steps.


Use the pencil tool available for you in the game to draw a line. You can draw the line from left to the bottom right of the window. Press the Play button after drawing the line to see how the rider goes. Use the “H” key for help and thus you can get some tips too.

Next :

You can use the stop button available to stop the play when you feel he is done with the level and ride. This is the simple words to explain the gameplay of Line Rider 2 unblocked game.

Follow the Instructions to Play Line Rider 2 Game Unblocked :

  1. Choose the Play option on the main screen of the game and click the Continue button to proceed.
  2. Now, Choose the pencil from the row on the top of the window to draw a line.
  3. Then, Choose the Play button to see how the rider goes and how the ride continues.
  4. There are many such buttons to help you play the game better. Use the eraser to erase the lines if you wish to modify them. Use the Dust bin button to delete the whole drawing and start a new one.
  5. The stop button will help you end the game level and let you start from the beginning.


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