How to open the phone forgot your password?


Mobile phones generally provide a way to protect the privacy of the mobile phone by setting a password. Sometimes it is inevitable to forget the password, then how to open the password for forgetting the password, let me introduce the method of opening.

How to unlock your phone if you forget your password

Here’s how to unlock your Android phone forgot your password:

Step 1. Press and hold [Volume +] and [Power] at the same time to enter Recovery mode;

Step 2. Use the [Volume Key] and [Power Key] to move and confirm the selection, and select the [wipe data/factory reset] item.

3. Select the [- yes – delete all data] item;

4. Select the [wipe cache partition] item (clear cache) item; select the [ – yes – wipe cache] item.

5, return to the Recovery main interface, select the first [Reboot System Now] (restart now) item;

The above is the method of how to unlock the phone to forget the password , I hope to help everyone.

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