How do I delete a watermark in a document?


There is a watermark that is the easiest. It is the watermark inserted into the image. Just the color of the text is the same as the background of the word. We look like a watermark. When we click, there will be a small circle around us. We can directly Deleted. So some watermarks are like this, let’s click to see if this is the kind.

There is also a watermark that is also a good operation, that is, the added watermark, just like the picture above, is above the background.

In this case, we first click on the insert option above the document.

Then I found a watermark in the insert. At the end, I forgot to say it. The style here is the word of wps, but it is similar to other operations.

After we click on the watermark, we will see that there is an insert, and the relevant template, and the last one is deleted. We click delete to delete the watermark we inserted.

Another situation is that we see headers and footers, as well as watermarks. In this case, when we click to insert and delete the watermark, we find that the watermark cannot be deleted. We should consider the following method.

First of all, we double-click, enter the header, after entering, we select all the text, here must use delete to delete the text, this time, we delete, found that the watermark is gone, remember, use delete.

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