How to hack wifi password on laptop


Nowadays, wifi is used in many places, so a large-scale coverage of wifi leads to a large-scale cracking of the wifi password , which is the purpose of the network. So, how to use a notebook to successfully crack the wifi password?Below, let’s take a look at the notebook crack wifi password tutorial.1. Open the laptop to find the wireless signal of the search and find the wifi network with the strongest signal.2, the mobile phone to find the strongest signal of the wifi network.3, install the notebook version of the wifi universal key downloaded in advance. Install the open wifi master key.4, install the open wifi universal key, mobile laptop to find the strongest signal of the wifi network. Click to crack.5, you can choose to connect your phone to speed up password cracking.These are on wifi password how to crack, crack wifi password notebook tutorial introduction, I hope for your help!

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