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FMWhatsapp- The best Alternative of Whatsapp


If you are looking for whastapp mode and want to leave the whatsapp application for some specific reasons, then you are at the right place because today in this article we are going to share a best whatsapp mod apk. With this mode, you will experience more exciting features and trust me these features are better than whatsapp official application. Maybe you are already using the whatsapp mod apk, but here I am going to share one if best mod apk till now. And after installing this application, you will not regret it. Because you will get all the features in the same application you don’t need to download multiple application for different tasks.

Some advanced features of FMWhatsapp:

1.) Send Image In Full Resolution:

If you are sending any image on WhatsApp, then it will decrease the quality to save your data and to send it in speed, but what if you want to send the picture in full resolution then you can’t use official WhatsApp. Now you will need an application by which you can send any image with full resolution on WhatsApp application. So you can use fmwhatsapp app to send your pictures in full resolution. You can send upto 18mb images without losing the quality of the image.

2.) Change Font Family

Sometimes you want to change the font family of your whatsapp, but it is not possible because the official application is not providing any option to change the font family. But you can change your font family on fmwhatsapp apk.

3.) Disable Forward Tag

If you are using WhatsApp application and you want to forward any image, video, or any message. Then whatsapp will add the forward tag in that particular message, but with the help of fmwhatsapp application, you are free to forward any message without any forward tag SIP trunking.

4.) Who can Call Me Privacy?

This feature is my favorite feature because everyone wants to get rid of unwanted messages and call. But if in whatsapp application if you don’t want calls from a particular person, then you need to block him. But if you will use fmwhatsapp mod then you don’t need to block him/her you can activate the option who can call me. With the help of this feature, you can get rid of unwanted WhatsApp audio and video calls.

5.) View Status/Story

If you want to see the status of any of your friend and you don’t want to let him/her know about it, then there is no option available by which you can do that, but fmwhatsapp mod Is providing you an option with this option you can easily see any status without letting them know.

6.) Security:

Official whatsapp is not providing any type of security, and if your smartphone is unlocked then anyone can open your whatsapp without your permission bit with this mod apk you can easily lock your application, and no one can access your chats. Even you can also hide the chats in FMWhatsapp mod apk file.


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