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FacePause – Automatically helps you pause YouTube when you don’t watch the video [Chrome]


FacePause is an extension that monitors your YouTube video in real time through the camera. Once your attention is not on the video, or if you are not there, the extension will automatically pause your playback.

Someone has developed a neurotic Chrome extension “FacePause” that automatically activates the camera when you watch YouTube, monitors your face, and when your attention is not on the screen or before leaving the computer for any reason, Will automatically help you pause the playback of the video. The question is, can such a small convenience be exchanged for you to agree to open such a high level of privacy rights to it?

Qing Xiao frog feels that this idea is very good, especially when watching movies and TV dramas at home, it is too much interference compared to the theater, such as drinking saliva, eating snacks, and being disturbed by family members. There are many situations that will make you want to go back tens of seconds to see what has just happened.

Now that beauty has developed into the AI ​​stage, are you still trying to let the camera stare at you?

Steps to install extentions

  1. Install the FacePause Chrome extension
  2. Next just Enable Chrome flag
  3. Turn on the face detection option

It’s good to listen to this kind of thing, after all, YouTube doesn’t want to be able to…This extension mainly help when you are checking any important study related video and get call in between or some other work then at least video get pause.

You can also check video of how this extension can be used.

Hope you like this video …if you are also using any such extension then please write us so we can share with our users.


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