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Do the optimization strategy selection tool, about email marketing, are you doing right?


The peak season of 2018 has arrived, and the season of sales and traffic is booming during the year. The peak season is better than the sales of several years, stocking, packaging, logistics , advertising, promotion, and any part of the work must be done. In the aspect of shop drainage, email marketing can not be ignored. Cross-sectors should carefully plan their email marketing strategies and win the marketing campaign in the peak season .

Email marketing is a high-traffic conversion marketing method, especially during the holidays. According to Omnisend’s survey of nearly 1 billion e-mails in 2017, the e-mail marketing campaign was the most active in November, with nearly 10,000 e-mail themed events, although the average open rate of mail (15.7%) was The lowest in the year, but the average click rate (3.2%) is higher.

2018 holiday marketing season mail marketing optimization
want to do high-end mail marketing, which mail can be optimized? Cross-power families can start with three types of mail: welcome mail, promotional mail, and save shopping cart mail.

Welcome Mail
According to Experian Research, an information service company, the opening rate of welcome emails is 4 times that of bulk emails; the sales volume of welcome emails is 3 times that of regular promotional emails. And the welcome email helps to foster user loyalty. The first is the first contact with the user. Secondly, if the welcome email is opened by the user, it means that you are a popular sender.

In short, it is to remind cross-sectors to pay attention to the delivery of welcome emails, especially for new users captured during the peak season, the conversion rate will be very high. The importance has been fixed, how to do the welcome mail?

1) After obtaining the user’s mailbox, it is best to send the user a welcome email immediately;
2) Welcome email with user interaction content, invite users to participate;
3) Welcome email with incentives, reward content, encourage users to purchase

The welcome email is worth learning. In the
welcome email, SkullCandy provides the shopping coupon code; the
email is sent the first time after the user’s email is obtained;
the image style that matches the SkullCandy brand image is used;

Promotional mail
season marketing is indispensable for the promotion of mail, on the one hand to inform customers of the latest promotions and offers, on the other hand to give customers some holiday shopping guide. Want to get more traffic during the peak season, what should be included in the promotional email?

Detailed logistics information, including the final delivery date,
gift card service,
gift packaging,
customer service contact information

is very common to save the shopping cart mail consumers to give up the shopping cart. “When you choose the goods, you are all happy to join the shopping cart. When you pay , you regret it. No, no, I don’t want to buy it…” Research said, shopping The car dump rate is 70% higher, especially during the holiday shopping season.

In summary, the three main reasons consumers give up their shopping carts are: shipping, finding a more cost-effective shopping mix, and out of stock . For consumers who encounter these problems, it is important to save the shopping cart mail.

Solving these three major problems is the first step in retrieving the shopping cart, and then sending a copy of the shopping cart mail. Note that the recovery of the shopping cart mail should be timely, preferably within half an hour after the customer gives up the purchase; the correct email attitude is centered on customer service, expressing regret and asking the customer to give up the reason for the purchase; at the same time ensuring that the customer can be on the mobile device Open the message on.

2018 holiday marketing season email marketing strategy
1. Check last year’s email marketing trend: There are three noteworthy holiday email marketing trends in 2017, holiday gift purchase guide (for loyal customers), and there is no shopping invitation for returning users for a long time (for Old users) and holiday pop-ups (for new users).

2, as soon as possible, start early: Before the holiday arrives, we must do a good job in mail marketing strategy and optimization of the information and content, to give consumers a holiday shopping that can be expected. Be aware that consumers tend to start planning their shopping lists before the start of holiday shopping.

  1. Segment users: Segment customers, divide customer mailing lists into different parts, and display relevant products in a targeted manner. During the holiday period, it is important to consider: VIP customers, high order value customers, high volume customers, long time no return customers, and mail subscribers who have not yet made purchases.

Personalized push emails for each customer segment will increase conversion rates compared to GM, the same, and everyone-friendly email.

2018 holiday marketing season mail marketing software selection

Constant Contact
Template : Yes | Free Trial: 60-day free trial, then starting from $20 per month for basic services

The tool is easy to use and great for beginners. It offers wired training and offline seminars to help small businesses quickly learn the basics of email marketing. Constant Contact makes it easy to manage mailing lists, contacts, and mail templates. At the same time, each account comes with email tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, photo library and 1G document storage space.

MailChimp Web, Android, iOS | Email Template: Yes | Mail Database: There is afree trial: Yes, the free trial version allows the addition of 2000 subscribers.

Even if you haven’t used it, you must have heard of MailChimp. Founded in 2001, MailChimp is the big brother and leader in the field of email marketing, and is known for personalized personalized email marketing. In terms of functionality, MailChimp provides mail creation, tag sorting, auto-reply, contact grouping, and simple message tracking and data analysis.

MailChimp comes with a free trial version, users can send 12,000 emails and add up to 2000 subscribers. The paid version has a base model of $10/month and a Pro version of $199/month.


Klaviyo is a one-stop digital marketing tool with features such as the release of AB tests, automatic mail reply and more. Especially in terms of segmentation users, it does user segmentation by analyzing user purchases, payments, and abandoning shopping carts. Klaviyo offers a free trial version with 500 free emails and up to 250 subscribers.


AWeber is a popular email marketing tool around the world that provides SMBs with a wide range of tools to manage their email marketing. In terms of functions, AWeber includes mail templates, list management, automatic reply and mail tracking. In terms of fees, AWeber has a 30-day free trial, after which the basic model costs $19 a month (the service price is richer, and the 29/49/69/149 USD is a month).


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