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How To Change Your Facebook Profile Name After The Limit


Facebook is one the best social networking websites. They always try to make the interface more user friendly and simpler. But, like other websites Facebook also have some guidelines and policies for using their features correctly without spamming.

Generally, Many people don’t know that Facebook has many limits set for its users for using some features that are related to Page,Profile, Groups etc. Just like we can’t change our profile username if it is already changed once, we can’t change the Facebook group username when it has reached upto 250 members. So in the same manner we also can’t change our Facebook profile name after 5 times and we need to wait atleast 60 days.

Are you not able to change your profile name ? Well, in this post im going to show you a very simple trick to do so.

Just follow the steps given below.

Steps To Change Your Profile Name :-

1.) Login To Your Facebook Account in

Which you have to change the name.

2.) Now, Open this Link

3.) In The Form Fill The Information Such as First name, Middle name, Last name and also select one reason from the list that why you want to change the name.

3.) Now the most important thing you need is a copy of government issued Photo ID so that they can confirm that the name you want to change to is authentic. So, upload the copy of ID.

What type of ID will Facebook accept?

Facebook accepts any government ID which contains your Full Name and Date of birth.

Some examples are :-

  • Voter ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Vehicle or Personal insurance card

But if you still don’t have any Government ID to upload. Then there is also a second option available. So, You need to provide two ID’s Of different forms. Make sure that the ID’s Have your full name and Date Of Birth which matches to your Facebook profile information.

Some examples of other ID’s are :-

  • Bank statement
  • School identity card
  • Credit card
  • Bus card
  • Library card
  • Medical record
  • Employment verification

Once you are done wirh all of the above steps, Now Click on the Send button And Just Wait Some Time To See The Magic. Now your name will be changed successfully.

Note :- This is the Legal method of changing Facebook profile name.

Using this method you can change your Facebook profile name in just a few minutes. In some cases it might take upto 24-48 hours.


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