Top 10 Best Mobile Payment android apps in indi


There are many apps available now a days to transfer amount from one bank to another or one wallet to another…so here we are providing few best mobile payment apps.

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Top 10 Best Mobile Payment


Paytm is one of the well known and most popular and widely used best mobile wallet app in India. This payment app is the best when it comes to comfortable cashless payments. Money can be transferred using a phone number or even simpler by using a QR code. You can use this app to transfer money from one paytm wallet to another paytm wallet.

This app also supports the transfer of money from one bank account to another bank account. You can book tickets to shows and movies, also travel reservations. Paytm has a store of its own where you can find a lot of products at discounted prices. You can recharge your phone or your dth. It has the feature that lets you pay your electricity bill too.


MobiKwik is also another popular mobile payment app in India. Using MobiKwik, you can carry out mobile recharge, dth recharge, postpaid bill payments, electricity bill payment, life insurance payments, gas, water, broadband, cable and landline bill payments. You can book your bus tickets. You can book hotel rooms. In this cashless transaction, the app will find a feature, that is the transfer of Monet to banks. The additional comfort of using this cashless payment system is, we can find the nearby stores of your choice near you.

Airtel Money:

Airtel Money is one more cashless transaction app that makes the list of the top mobile payment systems. It has a mobile wallet. Bank transfers. You can pay your bills using the app. It has the advantage of special offers on the usage of the app. You can use it anywhere instead of facing the inconvenience of not having enough cash in hand. We can also find the nearby places where we can use the Airtel Money.


This is an app that provides you with the feature of a mobile wallet for comfortable cashless transactions. It is one of the cashless transaction systems that is mostly used by a lot of local stores and even online stores. The operation is pretty smooth. You need to enter a registered phone number, and you will be sent a one time pin using which authentication will be done, and the transaction will be completed. Using free charge, you can have offline and online sales. You can recharge your phones and dth. You can also pay all types of bills, book tickets for shows, hotels, travel tickets and much more.


It is another mobile payment system that provides a mobile wallet. It also offers bank transfer options for quite a few banks. You can carry out bill payments and travel ticket bookings. It offers prepaid cards. Itzcash also gives digital gifts. It is one such mobile payment system that comes in handy when you need to deal with your bank accounts too.

Vodafone M-Pesa:

Vodafone M-Pesa also one of the cashless transaction system apps that make cashless transactions very easy. We can transfer the money to your bank account or to another phone number without any charges. You can carry out your prepaid recharges, dth recharges and pay your postpaid bills. You can also withdraw money from your M-Pesa account when in need of cash. You can also locate a nearby agent using this app.

Citrus Pay:

Citrus pay also comes to our aid as it is one of the top best mobile payment systems too. It has the feature of a mobile wallet. You can transfer or receive money using either a registered mobile number or a registered email id. You can also transfer money from and to your bank accounts using Citrus Pay. It has a wide number of users to all over the world.

Oxigen Wallet:

The oxigen wallet is one more cashless payment system that has a lot more features than just sending and receiving money. We can pay our mobile prepaid, water, gas, electricity bills, landline bills, and broadband bills, etc. You can also recharge your mobile using. It also supports bank transactions. It provides something called a prepaid VISA card using which you can shop online. The oxigen wallet also has an additional feature where you can request money from your friends. It gives out gift cards too. You can also redeem payback points to money in your oxigen wallet.

SBI Buddy:

SBI Buddy is another bank wallet that comes very handy when coming to cashless transactions. You can transfer money from one wallet to another wallet and also with bank accounts. You can send and receive money, recharge your prepaid mobile and your dth connections, pay your bills, view your bank statements and also book your tickets to the movies. One interesting feature in SBI Buddy is that you can send money to people who are not the users of SBI buddy too. You can send requests or ask money from your friends using this mobile payment system.

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mRupee is another mobile payment system that has the feature of a mobile wallet. It supports the transfer of money from one wallet to another. You can book your travel tickets using mRupee efficiently. You can go ahead with online shopping too. You can also recharge and pay your mobile and broadband bills. You can find some exciting deals and offers too in this cashless payment system.

These are mobile payment systems with the feature of mobile wallet only. There are many other such trustworthy mobile payment systems like BHIM, Chillr, FTcash etc. But they lack the feature of mobile wallets.

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