The best 10 Android apps on the go


More than 85% people using Android platform and number is increasing everyday with new mobile user. With the goal of entering the mobile market, Google acquired the company in 2005 and released the mobile operating system Android to the consumer market.

As android platform is popular to demand of android apps also increase and google play store is now the biggest app store in the world, and has 3.6 million apps available for download in March 2018.

Many people search for few good apps so here we are providing few best and useful android apps, which help them in day to day life.

10 best Android apps

1. Twilight

This is a clock program that shows the time zone of the world. It can list the selected time zone and the local time indicated by the current GPS, as well as the specific time of dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk.

2. WikiPock Plus Edition

WikiPock is a mobile phone software that allows users to search and read Wikipedia articles without a network. All articles are stored in the phone’s memory, so there is no need to download anything from the web. This is the world’s largest mobile encyclopedia with 3 million English articles and is growing.

WikiPock downloads articles over the Internet even faster than search. This version of internationalization includes 18 languages

3. Currency Converter

A simple and reliable global currency converter that periodically updates the exchange rate.

4. The Weather Channel for Android

Whether you are planning your next week, next day or next hour’s schedule, the Weather Channel mobile version provides the tools you need to prepare.

Unlike other weather applications, Weahter Channel provides interactive maps based on customizable weather layers and adjacent locations, short- and long-term forecasts and video broadcasts. Map your current location on the map via GPS, or save your favorite address by searching for city, postal code, street address or landmark.

5. TrackIT

TrackIT is a free APP for fleet business or personal use, locate your vehicle, family and assets in real-time

6. Shell

The Shell app now allows you to use mobile payment from your smartphone to pay for fuel and convenience store items at participating Shell stations in the United States. The app features the Chase Pay® mobile wallet for secure transactions. The app also integrates your Fuel Rewards® program loyalty account for convenient, mobile access to your loyalty savings. The Station Locator within the app helps you quickly find the nearest Shell station with mobile payment.

7. Voice on the Go

Send EMail or SMS by voice when driving – no need to enter manually! Receive, reply, forward, write and delete emails; send short messages; use Facebook, Twitter; convert your voice into text.

– 100 minutes free long distance anywhere in North America

– Call your contacts without touching them

– Receive and generate calendar appointments

– Support 4 email accounts

– Multiple international versions available

– Tone adjustment command (DTMF) can be used in noisy environments

8. 5 Minute Clinical Consult for Mobile and Web

5-Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC) provides fast, pertinent guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of over 700 everyday diseases.

9. iSafe

iSafe(TM) is an award-winning location-based personal security application that helps individuals navigate safely through everyday life and crime, environmental damage and safe distances in troublesome emergencies.

10. Forecast

The Forecast software can list the world and display current weather conditions and forecasts around the world. It uses the Weather API interface. You can add, delete places and update basic categories.

Hope you like this list of top famous and useful android apps…if you are using any android apps and that are very helpful then write us in comment. so we can also add same in our list..

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