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Are Your Employees Productive When Working Remotely? 7 Tips to Note


The recent pandemic forced various organizations and businesses to adopt the working from home strategy to ensure operations continue. However, this posed a challenge to most employers, with many not knowing how to monitor their employee’s productivity or even motivate them to boost their productivity. As a result, a significant number of organizations are set to adopt this mode of operation way after the pandemic.

Motivating employees even in-house has always been a key concern for most employers. However, with the new normal, they have no choice but to adopt a few tricks to help successfully motivate employees and boost their productivity. This article is centred on tips you can use to fix motivation problems in employees working remotely.

Set clear goals

Without a clear set of goals driving your employees, they are likely to lose the zeal needed to perform to their best. Goals can be collective or individual. This means you have to be clear about what you expect of every employee and the overall company goals. Aside from being clear, the goals also need to be realistic.

It is best to give your employees a mandate within their capabilities. Giving your team too little or too much to do can cause demotivation in your employees. All in all, always be specific about your expectations and goals when setting performance expectations.

Recognize achievements

Various studies spanning decades have one thing in common when it comes to employee motivation. Employees tend to put in extra effort when their contribution to the company is recognized. This should not only go for an individual. You should also recognize team efforts.

When you praise your employees and team openly, they are bound to up their productivity. This move also has ripple effects. Aside from boosting their productivity, it also helps boost their loyalty and retention. Some of the best ways to go about this are;

  • Personally calling and thanking them.
  • Rewarding them with gifts.
  • Creating a forum where their accomplishments can be displayed.

Check-in regularly

One of the best moves in workforce management that also acts as a motivator is checking your team regularly. By checking in, you can effectively gauge their level of motivation and address any underlying issues they may raise with you. It is advisable to carry out this exercise at least once or twice a month. During these meetings, take time to enquire from your employees about the status of things and any career development opportunities.

Try and create a safe space where your employees can easily open up to discuss any career goals. Checking on your employees helps them feel you care about them, thus effectively motivating them to work harder.

Trust your team

Employees like to be given some breathing room when performing their duties. This helps them try out new approaches and techniques, some of which may benefit the business. Delegate duties and avoid micro-managing your employees. Being overly involved can soar discord between you and your team.

Once you assign tasks, let your team do their work unless they consult you. To avoid any misunderstanding, make sure you outline your expectations when delegating the duties.

Assist employees to set up a dedicated workspace

Working from home has numerous benefits for your employees. Still, it can also have a negative impact on your employees’ productivity if they don’t have a dedicated workspace courtesy of their work environment. To boost productivity and motivate your employees, you can allocate a budget to help them set up a private workspace in their remote location.

In addition, these funds can help them purchase some of the equipment they may need. Some of which include desks, ergonomic chairs or even noise-cancelling headphones.

Show concern for your employees’ health

Productivity levels and motivation can significantly drop when your employees are unwell. You need to take a keen interest in the health of your team and come up with strategies to help take care of their health. If you don’t have a health and wellness program, you need to adopt one as soon as possible.

It is through these programs that you can prevent diseases through timely detection. You can offer your employees gym memberships and even up their medical cover to ensure they are in top form.

Provide employees with opportunities for career growth and development

Your employees need to see an opportunity for them to advance both professionally and personally within your company. The absence of this can cause demotivation and reduced job satisfaction making your employees seek other forms of employment. Organize forums where you can engage your employees and discuss their chances of advancing their careers.

It is also advisable to give your employees first priority when an opportunity arises within the organization. To further motivate them, you can also organize training and sponsor workshops and seminars to allow your team to grow professionally. Learn more about the productivity difference between the remote work and office-based work, on this website:


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