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4 Top Tips For Recycling Old Technology


Most often we find it difficult to get rid of old electronics from our home and office. Old television sets, phones, and computers remain a part of our life even after their usefulness has run out and they have been replaced. This is mainly because we do not know what to do with old tech gadgets. We are advised to not throw the items in the trash which means you have to look at different ways to get rid of old tech. Here are some convenient and useful tips for the same.

1.Replace your old phones

Many cell phone manufacturers allow you to trade your old phones when you want to upgrade to a new model. Manufacturers accept older devices which can be traded for new ones. When you upgrade the device, you will receive a bubble pack that is prepaid and pre-stamped. All you need to do is mail your old phone and you receive a check in a couple of weeks for the same. It will not only help get rid of the old smartphone but will get you cashback too.

2.Be a part of the corporate recycling programs

There are a number of corporate programs that make it easy for you to get rid of the old electronic gadgets. There are many brands that recycle their own products. Ryan Morrel from CJD E-Cycling ( explains that many parts of computers are recyclable, so selling those components to a recycling company will make you some extra money and reduce eWaste at the same time. The recycling programs accept everything from computers, televisions, laptops, monitors, batteries, print cartridges, cameras, speakers and more. You simply have to drop off your items at their customer service desk.

3.Sell old items online

If you want to make money from your old gadgets, you can sell it across different platforms online. You can set your own price for the device or you could auction it to the highest bidder. It might need a little more effort than simply dropping off the item at a customer service desk.

4.Donate the gadgets

You can use your old gadgets and support a good cause by making a donation. Your donated devices can be repurposed and put back into use. They could also be traded in for cash and then used for important non-profit activities. Choose a cause that is close to your heart and donate your gadgets to them.

Make it a point to never throw away old technology. Simply throwing away electronics is not good for the environment and it is totally unnecessary. Hence, recycle old gadgets or donate them to charity. If you are sure about buying a new gadget in place of the old one, simply trade them for a newer replacement. There are many ways you can dispose of your old gadgets properly and they are very simple as well as convenient to use.

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