With the tips of using Android phones, you must check it out!


I have shared a lot of tips for using Apple phones before. Today, Fire Brothers share tips on using Android phones. Now the mobile phone in our hands is nothing more than Apple and Android. I don’t know if you have used Android phones for such a long time, but do you really understand them? In fact, there are a lot of mobile phone tips that are really practical!

Android phone tips

  1. Forced boot (long press the power button + volume button)

In the process of using the mobile phone, we will inevitably encounter many problems, such as being unable to boot up, it is very good! At this time, you can press the power button + volume up or down button for about 20 seconds when the phone is completely turned off. You can see your phone light up!

2, screen capture (power button + volume minus)

Sometimes when you suddenly want to take a screenshot, for Android 4.0 or higher, when you press the phone’s power button and volume down (down button), wait for 2 seconds, the phone will automatically for you. The screen “takes a photo” and saves it.

3, identify the quality of mobile phones

Just buy a mobile phone, if you want to know if it is good, press *#06# first, then a serial number will appear on your mobile phone, and you will count the seventh and eighth numbers.

Check in:

0,2 or 2,0, is a very bad phone; 0,8 or 8,0, is a better mobile phone

0,1 or 1,0, is a very good phone; 0,0 is the best quality phone (original phone)

1,3 is a very, very poor phone;

4, invisible backup battery

The phone is running low. In order for it to continue to be used, press the *3370# button and the phone will restart. After the boot is complete, you will see that the battery has increased by 50%.

Fire brother also has some small daily maintenance of mobile phones to share with everyone.

1, mobile phone battery do not wait until there is no electricity to charge.

  1. When the phone is charging, please do not answer the phone! !
  2. Do not use when the phone has one space left!

4, the phone screen is not so easy to scratch, the film is not necessary. (reinforced glass panel)

5, using power-saving software not only does not save electricity, it may cost more electricity

6, the phone battery charging when the surrounding environment does not exceed 35 degrees

Third, the memory is urgently processed

1, mobile application software finishing frequency is low, finishing unclean

Tip 1: “Cleanly organize mobile application software”

Many people report that APP applications are often deleted and sorted out. Why is the memory occupied by mobile phones still large? The answer is that the finishing is not complete. For many hidden cached data, we may not be able to delete it by setting, but we can remove the software first, and then install this method.

2, large software, easy to use software accounted for memory

Tip 2: “Learn to choose software that is light and easy to use”

Generally, the usable software that we use is inevitably too much memory. We can choose some software that is both easy to use and does not occupy memory. For example, PDF reading software, we can choose to use a brisk PDF reader, not only can read and edit files, powerful and does not take up memory.

Well, I have shared so many tips for using Android phones. I don’t know if everyone has learned it. You can collect it and learn slowly.


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