5 Common Website Design Mistakes That Small Businesses Should Avoid


Creating a business website is easier said than done. In this context, website design is something that you cannot ignore. This is all the more important if you run a small business and have a limited budget. The best way to do it makes no mistake and get a perfect design in the first go. Therefore, it becomes important to be aware of common mistakes so that you can avoid them. Here are some typical website design errors that small businesses should steer clear of.

Giving too much information

The worse mistake that you can make is to bombard your visitors with excessive information. Obviously, your site must have a story that defines your brand and product as a part of the design. But avoid going overboard with storytelling as every minor detail will not engage the users. They may be irritated if you have too much to say about yourself. Use impressive taglines and images rather than heavy text to tell the user about your offering.

Having too little to tell

While giving too much information is a wrong thing, having too little to tell is even worse. Minimalism is the latest design trend but doesn’t follow it just for saving money. As a small business, you may be tempted to add fewer pages to save on expenses. However, there are some critical elements that you cannot miss, such as the contact page and About Us page.

Slow-loading website

The speed of your website is a key parameter for the user experience. Slow loading pages can be a killer in this context. According to IntoClicks Tucson SEO experts, you should make sure that your web pages load at lightning speed. Not doing so will get your small business in a fix as it may lead to returning users. Using fewer design elements and utilizing caching are the best way to speed up your site.

No mobile optimization

Like slow speed, lack of mobile optimization is another blunder that results in poor UX. A majority of users search via mobile devices and a non-responsive design means that you will lose them. This can be a big setback for small businesses in particular. Also, a website that is not mobile optimized will not be able to reach the top of search rankings. This is another reason that you should be extra careful about mobile optimization.

Having too many elements

Like excessive content, the use of too many elements is another web design blunder. Excessive elements in the form of images, videos, and CTA buttons distract the users. They can slow down the website and hamper the user experience as well. You need to keep only the relevant elements and do away with the redundant ones. Have the ones that are a part of the navigational structure of the site. You also need to place the elements strategically in design.

Avoiding these common mistakes can make all the difference to the success of your website. You should always hire a professional web designer who understands the design concepts and creates a good one accordingly. Your website is a long-term investment and you should be ready to design one for success.


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