10 Best Optimization for Android


1) Cleaning Master

System: Android

Recommended stars: 4.5

Description: The world’s most trusted Android optimizer, speed booster and free anti-virus app, the cleaning guru explains speeding up and cleaning up over 400 million phones! It also provides instant protection with its #1 anti-virus engine, and Protect your private data with AppLock functions.

Advantages: versatile, easy to use, responsive and clean user interface

Disadvantages: no need to maintain and clean, it is unnecessary to add new to the application manager

2) Du speed booster

System: Android

Recommended stars: 4.5

Description: Du Speed ​​Booster can illustrate the protection of your smartphone with free built-in security features. It cleans your system from unwanted files and increases your storage space.

Pros: Speed ​​up your android phone or tablet, smart phone repair of the host load device, sweet user interface.

Disadvantages: Ram cleaning tends to cause several problems here and there.

3) SD maid

System: Android and iOS

Recommended stars: 4.5

Description: It is a storage and maintenance application that frees up space on your SD card or internal storage.
Pros: It restores precious memories and keeps them clean and tidy.

Disadvantages: With the message “Use at your own risk”.

4) CCleaner

System: Android and iOS

Recommended stars: 4.5

Description: It speeds up the phone and safely removes junk and clears the app cache.

Pros: Free to use, powerful system cleanup.

Disadvantages: Like any cleaning utility can cause trouble if you are keen to use it.

5) Nova launcher

System: Android and iOS

Recommended stars: 4.5

Description: Another factor that may slow down your Android phone is the custom launcher that the manufacturer has installed. If you find all the extra features and gadgets distracting, or worse, if you find that they actually slow down your phone, consider a transmitter that can be customized like a Nova launcher. Fast and sleek .

Pros: Pure Android experience; intuitive improvements; fast performance.

Disadvantages: Must be manually; find parts and plugins with relatively few new themes; very few special effects.

6) CPU tuner

System: Android and iOS

Recommended stars: 4

Description: The CPU tuner allows you to monitor and tune your CPU performance for your CPU Governor, clock, clock to improve performance, save battery, customize your trigger settings based on custom settings and settings to ensure your CPU Execution is just the way you want.

Pros: One of its competitors is full circle.

Disadvantages: The user interface can be improved.

7) 3 c toolbox

Recommended stars: 5

Description: The 3 c toolbox, formerly the Android tuner, provides users with a large number of savvy diagnostic and adjustment tools that users can use to diagnose and improve the health of their systems. The work manager included in the toolbox manages (or kills) your app, backs up or restores APKs.

Advantages: very powerful, easy to use, with more features, you can actually use it, currently on sale

Disadvantages: Permissions and access restrictions.

8) Equipment control

System: Android

Recommended stars: 4

Description: Device Control is a root device that utilizes higher privileges for system tuning and device monitoring, allowing you to tweak applications for many device and operating system settings. Users can configure the CPU and GPU frequencies to be above or below the clock, enabling or disabling specific features such as device shock and vibration strength.

Pros: The app provides parents with a solution to control remote locking and unlocking their phones, not returning to their parents’ phone for contempt for children’s problems.

Disadvantages – Potential vulnerabilities to uninstall quirky children, and can use the overall Polish, user experience and user interface.

9) BetterBatteryStats

System: Android

Recommended stars: 4

Description: While the Android Settings menu provides users with some insight into battery status and how much energy is being used, technology-oriented users can get far more comprehensive information and applications, such as BetterBatteryStats .

Pros: Simple “Optimized” button extends battery power; Professional Edition includes pre-set power mode to customize a large amount of monitoring and statistical information for the battery.

Disadvantages: hanging problems

10) Alley

System: Android

Recommended stars: 4.5

Description: The alley basically puts the application to sleep and cannot access system resources, bandwidth, or background state of the running process. However, Greenify allows you to run an application usually in the foreground without any additional complaints from the user explicitly calling.

Benefits: Responsive and easy-to-view user interface, automated analyzer intelligence discovers a lot of resources and optimizes applications.

Dissatisfied – requires superuser access. All background application features stop when an application is dormant, which can make useless applications like alerts and social networking applications.


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