Win10 Tips: How to set up your favorite apps in the Start menu?


The start menu is an important feature of the return to Win10 , where users can easily find the installed applications. But everything has a close relationship, software and applications are no exception, you will always have a few very favorite applications want to be topped.

In addition to the system comes with the “most common” sticky function, in fact, we can not manually enter the application default Sticky Sticky, IT home to teach you how to do it.

This operation is still not difficult, as follows:

1. First enter the folder where the start menu is located, with two entries:

The current user can execute the shell:Start menu in “Run” (by Win+R call), and subsequent modifications will only take effect for the current user;

f you execute shell:Common Start menu in Run , subsequent modifications will take effect for all users.

The above entrance can be selected at the same time, and then find the shortcut you need to set the top, if there is no shortcut required under the ” Start Menu → Programs “, you can find in the various folders in the program folder, such as python and Notepad++ are in the general software.

You can copy them directly to the Programs folder, but you need With administrator rights, click ” Continue ” in the dialog box (administrator account),.

Rename the target shortcut, such as “Notepad++”, move the cursor to the “flag” word (that is, move to the leftmost end of the shortcut text), then hold down the Alt key and press 0160 without releasing your hand. (Pure number) four keys . This operation is relatively easy for users with a numeric keypad. If it is a notebook keyboard user, you may need to press the Fn button.

At this point, you will see a space in front of the text , but pressing the space will not have this effect , because the system will directly eliminate the normal space before the rename, and this method can make the space preserve. After modification, you can use the start menu sorting rules (characters take precedence over letters) to top your favorite apps. If you think the system’s default “most used” and “recently added” affect your favorite rankings, you can also set them. Turn these features off, as shown below:

In this way, your favorite application will be ranked first. You can also check free download Kik for window.


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