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Who to choose to create a project: agency or freelancer?


Need a professional website for your business but don’t know who to choose as a site developer? Better freelancer or advertising agency? We advise!

Freelancer or agency? Costs

Are you wondering why a freelancer can make a website for x $ and an agency for 2-3 times more? An advertising agency, as a large enterprise, has considerable expenses related to running its business. On the other hand, a freelancer who runs his own business does not have to pay additional people, and most often, he does not rent an office but works from home. Of course, costs increase with needs – if we expect a freelancer to design a website and create graphics, manage the website, and position it regularly, the service price will be much higher.

Freelancer or agency? Communication

If you outsource a website to a freelancer, you can usually count on very good communication with the contractor. Apart from you, he will probably have just a few more clients and is not working on several dozen projects at once, as is sometimes the case in an agency. He is always available by phone and e-mail and will quickly answer your questions and introduce corrections. Of course, if your website development agency places great emphasis on communication, you shouldn’t have any reservations about hiring the agency. Fortunately, already at the negotiation stage, you can decide whether the contact with the subcontractor will be satisfactory.

Freelancer or agency? Access to new solutions

Advertising agencies such as cut2code have an advantage over freelancers in terms of technologies used. Large companies send their employees to specialized training (e.g., organized by Google) and continuously invest in equipment and new IT solutions. They have such a strong background that instead of buying a mobile application from someone, they create their own. Instead of outsourcing the creation of graphics, they send the appropriate request to their graphics department. Thanks to this, agencies can provide their clients with comprehensive services at the highest possible level.

Freelancer or agency? Resources

When establishing cooperation with a freelancer, you should consider that you outsource the project to one person. If a freelancer falls ill, there is no one to replace him/her, and there may be delays in implementation. Meanwhile, in the agency, the project is supervised by a whole team of people – from graphic designers, through programmers, to marketing specialists. If one person fails to fulfill a task, another can replace him and bring the project to completion. The same applies to ideas – when a contractor is at an impasse, he can consult a colleague. Together, they will develop a solution that will fully satisfy the customer.

The website is made by a freelancer – advantages and disadvantages

In summary, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a freelancer?


  • good communication;
  • low cost of services;
  • unconventional operation;
  • more time for each key customer.


  • availability at unusual hours;
  • unequal level among freelancers;
  • limited technological facilities;
  • limited resources and capacity, which may result in project delays.

The website is made by an agency – advantages, and disadvantages

When it comes to working with agency, the benefits are:

  • availability at fixed hours during the day;
  • the possibility of ordering a complete service, e.g., creating a website + positioning + content marketing;
  • powerful technological facilities;
  • punctuality;
  • high availability of the best specialists.

However, the disadvantages include the high cost of the service, possible communication problems (due to the increased workload), and activities’ routine nature.


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