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Music Apps: Can They Really Teach You Play an Instrument or Two?


Nowadays, there are apps that are mainly for fun and games. Others aim to help you get more productive at work. Some are for better fitness and mental health. There also exist apps that one can use for photo or video editing.

One type of apps that intrigues many are learning apps. Some teach you how to cook, learn a new language, or even build your skills. But what had many people’s attention are apps that claims to teach you how to play an instrument.

Why Music Learning Apps Are a Big Hit

There are basically two types of music learning apps. The first one has the video game aspect. The second one is a non-game app.

Game apps are basically applications that are fun and interactive. Many people love music learning game apps because they get to have fun while trying to learn how to play a certain instrument or two. Since there are a lot more entertaining and competitive, these are often the go-to choice of consumers.

Non-game music learning apps, on the other hand, may have tutorials from real people. The lessons are based on real lessons.Somehave scoring systems while others don’t.

Many are trying out music learning apps to entertain themselves. Others who really want to try learning how to play an instrument may be curious if these can really help them achieve such a goal. But can these really teach you how to effectively play musical instruments?

Do Music Learning Apps Work?

Learning how to play music requires concentration, memorization, andapplied theory. Without lots of practice and determination, this can be a daunting task. But since we now live in the modern world, many apps like music learning apps claim to help people, young or old learn how to play music or even learn how to sing.

Technology may be able to help us accomplish different tasks faster, better, and at a more convenient way. But expert musicians don’t really think apps can be an effective learning tool in learning how to play an instrument. For one, you will need to have a real instrument to really learn the ropes.

Even the best books and video tutorials won’t compare to conventional piano classes. Of course, that is unless you’re naturally gifted and can teach yourself to play. In reality, it will take time to decently play an instrument.

There can be many reasons why musical learning apps will never be enough. Some are as follows.

These Limit One’s Growth

Sure, an app may be able to teach you which notes to strike at what beat to play some songs. But these are often limited to what is included in the app.

You may learn how to play nursery rhymes to songs with easy to follow tunes. But once you start playing the real instrument, it will be a lot harder and trickier since you’re no longer using the flat surface of your tablet. If you’re learning to play the piano, the limited keys on the app won’t be enough to teach you how to play the right chords.

You Won’t Have Enough Support

Different apps have their own limitation. Some apps may tell you to practice more, do better or even praise you if you are able to play well. But nothing can beat the support that a real human can provide.

Music teachers can develop good relationships with their students. When you have someone else teaching you how to play a certain instrument, you will have someone to ask questions. They can empathize with your feelings, teach you empathy in return and even encourage you not to stop trying.

If you get frustrated, someone will be there to guide you. Knowing someone knowledgeable and experienced in playing your instrument can give you peace of mind. You will have someone who will listen to you and respond with the right and timely answers.

You Can Easily Develop Bad Habits

Music apps give you the freedom to learn at your own pace. But then, there is too much flexibility. This makes it easy to build bad habits that can actually stop you from learning how to play right.;

For instance, there are right ways to play certain musical instruments. Poor posture can ruin your back and lead to pain and discomfort. The same goes when setting unrealistic expectations.

Just because you learned how to play a few piano notes on your table already meant you can easily play the same on a real piano. You can end up getting extremely disappointed after spending days or weeks and you still can’t play decently on the real thing. You might even end giving up learning altogether how to play.

These are but a few reasons why it is still best to learn how to play musical instruments in real life. But then, no one is stopping you from enjoying music learning apps. If you want to entertain yourself, go ahead and download a few music apps. But if you are serious about playing a real instrument, find yourself someone who can teach you real lessons instead.


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