What is the difference between a Photo Album and a Photobook


Your treasured memories should never be forgotten; they should be preserved properly and celebrated often. Isn’t that the reason why you take photographs after all? But with so many ways of storing photos in the digital world, it is quite common for people to undermine the power of printed photos.

Unfortunately, a picture that has not been printed is likely to be forgotten soon. Therefore, the best way of preserving and displaying photographs is through traditional photo albums or photobooks. But what exactly is the difference between a photo album and a photo book?

Photo Album

A photo album is simply a book with transparent flaps in which printed photographs are individually inserted. The purpose of the traditional photo album is to avoid ending up with dozens of printed photos boxed away, never to be seen. However, making photo albums is quite a daunting task. You have to spend many hours trying to determine which photos should be on the album. Another problem with photo albums is that if you want several copies, you need several copies of each photo print, and the process of creating two or more exactly similar photo albums can be time-consuming and expensive.

Photo Book

With a photo book, you do not add each photo individually; instead, you just select all the photos that you would like to include way before the book is made. Unlike the case with the traditional album, the photos in a photo book are printed on the pages of the photo book. You can design your photo book on online photo book-making platforms such as Mixbook. The main advantage of photobooks has to do with the ease of creating them. For instance, Mixbook is designed in such a way that even a beginner can easily create one within a few minutes.

Which one is Better?

Having understood what the two have to offer, this decision is quite easy to make. Compared to traditional photo albums, photobooks have a lot more to offer. For instance, creating a photo book is easy and less costly especially when you want several copies. Besides, with a photo book, you can add some text to the book to tell your story more vividly. Furthermore, photobooks are relatively less bulky, and therefore, they are easy to handle, and they do not consume huge storage spaces.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is clear that if you are searching for a great way of storing and displaying your photos, then creating a photo book is the best decision that you can think about. Compared to other options, photobooks come with a lot of benefits. If you are looking for a reliable online platform on which you can design and create your photo book, Mixbook is the answer. The platform is easy to use for people of all levels of experience, and the quality of the prints and photo book cover are the best you can find. Visit Mixbook’s website today for more information about their design tools and services.


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