WANNA NAILS – choose the color of nail polish [iPhone/Android]


WANNA NAILS is actually an application for selling nail polish. It is based on AR technology. It shoots your hands through the camera, automatically finds your nails, and helps you change colours for your nails.

Although there are not many girls here, the young frogs know there are still some shackles. However, according to the atmosphere in the group, women’s attire is quite awkward.

You can download it from here Android download & iOS download

WANNA NAILS is easy to use, opens, and then takes pictures of your hands. It only needs to leak your nails and it will automatically recognize them.

After the calculation, it will help you paint.

As a shopping application, people would have flagged how to sell this color of nail polish after the expedition:

However, given the high cost of Haitao nail polish, it is good for the girls to find the color directly.

In fact, WANNA NAILS can also paint a different color for each finger, and support contrast photos of different colors, so that you can send friends to Weibo to let friends vote.

In fact, this part of the green frog wants to take a screenshot, but the hand of the green frog is too ugly, let’s watch the video:

FEATURES– Try any of the nail polish with your phone camera.– You can also match the nail polish with your skin colour or tone, look and mood.– You can buy any nail polish that you like.– Explore more colour options.– Create polls in Instagram Stories and ask which one is best.– share your virtual nail polish with your friends.

In addition, the green frog found that the built-in e-commerce is actually AliExpress and Amazon…typical export to domestic sales, Taobao Taobao. so if you are willing to buy any nail polish from Amazon then you can check here.. how it looks..


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