Top 6 Safest Cities in Southern California in 2023


Understandably, you are thinking about moving to Southern California – there are many appealing things about the Sunkist State. Apart from the great weather and the ocean beaches always nearby, there are plenty of outdoor activities in the mountains, lakes, valleys, and other natural resources. The urban area offers fantastic nightlife, as well as a first-class education for your child, big or small.

With all these amazing things, there also comes a price – a general feeling of unsafety that takes over 40% of all Californians at some point in their life. If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun of La-la Land but still want to feel safe, here are some things you should consider.

Criteria That Define the Safety of a City in 2023

1. Crime

With overpopulation and millions of tourists every year, criminal activity in California is somewhat higher than in other states. That is why you should check the statistics for the city you are planning to move to. Although the crime rates are high in the state, the safest cities in Southern California have very small rates, as low as 0.6%.

2. Natural Disasters

The State of California is notorious for its wildfires and flooding, which are getting worse each year. These events are happening in a cycle and are destroying billions of dollars worth of properties. The biggest problem is that they are sometimes unpredictable and can be deadly.

Check your wanted city’s history of natural disasters in the past few decades. Don’t only check if something had happened, but also how it was handled. It is very important to know if the neighborhood had the resources to deal with wildfires, floodings, earthquakes, landslides, or any other natural disasters.

3. Cases of Coronavirus

If you are looking for a new place to live, maybe you are thinking about the timing of the pandemic. The move can be risky if you don’t know the health infrastructure of the place. You should check the nearest hospitals and the best doctors around town, regardless of the pandemic.

But, we do live in a time when the numbers of infected people vary each week, so better to be safe than sorry. Studies show that California is one of the states with the highest number of coronavirus cases. Check the number of cases in the city you are interested in, so you can enjoy getting used to your new home without anxiety.

Safest Cities in SoCal

Ultimately, you should always do your research, but here is a list of some of the safest cities in Southern California, to help you in your exploration for a new home.

1. Rancho Santa Margarita

Rancho Santa Margarita is located in Orange County and has around forty thousand residents and a very low crime index. Although located in a risky zone, natural hazard-wise, the city has plans in place that can be activated at any given time if needed.

The town surrounds lake Lago Santa Margarita, a place to relax, ride a bike or grab a bite to eat, and there are also many hiking trails just outside the city. The population is one of the youngest in Orange County. People living there are around 35 years of age.

2. Laguna Niguel

With around 65,000 people living there, Laguna Niguel has a very low violent crime rate. This Orange County city has a high living standard and a household income that is almost double the US average.

Laguna Niguel is a residential city, there are no factories or big companies that pollute the air and water. Most residents work in other Orange County cities and commute back and forth. 22 beautiful beaches are just a 13-minute drive away from the city centre.

3. Santa Clarita

About 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, there is a city called Santa Clarita, famous worldwide for being the location of a show called Santa Clarita Diet. Like in the show, this is a peaceful, family-friendly town, a real estate dream. It is also famously a great school district, as well as a home to some institutions for higher education.

Unfortunately, it is a fire-hazard zone throughout the year, so if you are planning to move there make sure you take precautions, such as fireproofing the house, safety plans, and, of course, house insurance.

4. Santa Ynez

A small town such as Santa Ynez is always a good idea if you are looking for peace, quiet, and safety. Not to mention that it is one of the 25 best school districts in the county, so it is a right fit for you if you have children going to school.

You have exceptionally low chances to become a victim of crime. The average household income is more than 100 thousand dollars, and there are many affordable housing options, whether you are renting or buying.

5. Bakersfield

Just a two-hour drive away from LA, Bakersfield is not the safest on this list, but it certainly has a good affordability-to-safety ratio. With a population of around 300 thousand people, Bakersfield is 14% safer than an average US city this size.

6. Moorpark

Estimated to be the fastest-growing city in Ventura County, Moorpark is for those who like less urban areas such as LA, but are more industrial than residential cities. Moorpark has a low crime index and low chances of floods.

It is located on a valley, surrounded by hills, with a plethora of hiking trails. It is also a student-friendly city and has a Community college with a beautiful campus. Fun fact: Moorpark is home to several businesses opened by celebrity chefs.

The Price of Safety

If you want to live in a safe neighbourhood, it often comes with a price. No, the houses in these areas are much more expensive than in those showing a higher crime index. If you are moving to South California on a limited budget, make sure that you find a city that suits your needs.

Take into consideration the aforementioned criteria, look into the towns on the list, and start from there. Find a city with an adequate affordability-to-safety ratio, find a good realtor, and enjoy SoCal in all of its glory. Learn more about different destinations and travel places you can choose inside California, on this website:


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