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The Perfect Shot: 5 Elements Of First Class Wedding Photography


Professional wedding photography is a must on any special day. Sure, you could get one of your relatives to dust off their old travel camera and take some happy snaps, but nothing compares to the skill and passion found with a professional service!

What’s more, you want your professional service to contain a host of elements that make it what it is: a beautiful encapsulation of a most momentous occasion. From artistic photographers to first class videography, location scouting and more, here are the five elements of first class wedding photography:

1. You need skilled photographers

The best wedding photos Sydney has will be produced by artistic professionals with years of experience providing this imperative work. Any company should comprise photographers with portfolios that make you say, “wow – these are incredible!” long before your own special day. The feeling should be instantaneous, a knowledge that the team you are choosing is one who can make your dream day come to life in the most sublime of ways!

2. They should offer videography

Somewhere along the way the industry realised that you don’t have to stick with static imagery. Today, your service should offer stunningly cinematic encapsulations of this wonderful occasion. These videos are a moving memento of a day that reflects the love and joy that the guests feel for one another. What’s  more, it should capture each moment of fun and frivolity: cake-cutting, dancing, jokes and toasts – videography is truly an incredible way to eternalise this wondrous party!

3. They should offer location scouting

Because your professional photographer shouldn’t just show up on the day and say, “hey everyone! Can I get you all to stand by that tree there?” They should provide location scouting as a part of their comprehensive service! This is a job that starts the moment you consult the team, and they should immediately put their focus into helping you find the perfect location for couple shots, group shots and more.

4. They should blend in with finesse

Professional wedding photographer is a subtle skill that doesn’t just require someone taking shots with a camera. Instead, your professional photographer should blend into the party as if they weren’t there at all, taking candid snaps of the exhilarating fun happening across the day. Of course, there will be times of the day where they need to organise the party with skill and precision, but there must be a balance of pro and candid to create the perfect memento!

5. They should help bring the fun

Because no one wants a photographer who bosses everyone around – they should help bring the lighthearted fun of the occasion! There is a special charisma that comes with providing this service – your photographer should be able to coax the guests into a sense of fun and joy regarding the shoot. After all, it’s not 1910 anymore, and wedding imagery has come a long way since the days of morose brides, grooms and one of their mothers standing angrily in the background – this is a seriously exciting part of the special day that should be treated accordingly!

These are the essential elements of special day shoots. Of course, there are other things that make the perfect service, but if you find a team that you’re sure can cover these bases, then we can safely say you’ve picked a winner. You’ll be able to tell from your initial consultation…


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