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Standing Desks: All You Need to Know


It is very well reported that sitting for long periods may have adverse health implications. Long-term sitting is very bad for your well-being. Obesity, back and neck pain, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and cancer have all been associated with it. A research discovered that too much sitting would affect the brain as well.

What is good for the body is not sitting or standing but moving. It is a good thing to change positions. By using a standing desk, you can do just that. It does not replace sitting entirely, but it may interrupt the sitting habit over long periods since standing has been very common nowadays.

What is a standing desk?

A Standing Desk is a desk designed to draw, read or write as you stand or sit on a tall chair. Instead of sitting in a chair, these desks allow you to function well even while standing at your desk. The same basic concept is followed by all standing desks, which allow you to work even when you are standing. Standing desks will only work if you are using them properly.

How to use the standing desk appropriately?

Often move the Standing Desk to the height of your elbows. To improve comfort and reduce injury risk in the workplace, computer screen location and correct desk height are important. When typing, keep your wrist straight and always keep the mouse and keyboard at the same level. To decrease tension on the wrist that controls the cursor, use arm support. You can also take daily breaks to walk and move, clear your mind, and relax your eyes.

What are the different standing desks types?

Static standing desks are normally incorporated and have a fixed length. This may be a desk or a countertop installed at a certain level. The standing adjustable desk is kind of like your seat. If you set it, you do not want to change it. It will take a lot of time to reposition this sort of desk.

An electric lift is available for the adjustable electric standing desk. Only pressing a button enables you to change this desk to the level you want it to be placed. The most economical choice is the adjustable converter and something that you can install very easily. Just by installing a standing desk adapter, you can use your current desk and even your countertop.

How do you pick a standing desk that is perfect for you?

If you want a portable workstation that meets both your work and well-being requirements, height adjustment is recommended. Your usable space should also be taken into consideration for you to operate properly. Consider compatibility with your other tools and instruments for the office as well. Like L-shapes, adjustable tables and desks come in several different shapes and sizes, so select the right one for your work routines and preferences.


Technology is making our life much simpler for us. Basically, from our everyday lives, we have removed much of the need to do physical labour, having to stand while working has become a huge part of your life. The standing desk has made us more active, imaginative, sleepier, and happy.

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