Sennheiser revolution series EW G4 will be available soon | G4 is on call


Abstract: evolution wireless G4, will be fully available, G4 is on standby, fourth-generation evolution wireless makes professional wireless technology more flexible, simpler and safer

Evolution wireless G4, G4 is on standby, fourth-generation evolution wireless makes professional wireless technology more flexible, simpler and safer, evolution wireless G4, grow with you, It is designed for all kinds of stages, regardless of It can be used in size, indoors or outdoors.

Evolution wireless G4 – 100 Series : 

Wireless systems are versatile, allowing simultaneous setup of up to 12 channels of system and providing a large 42 MHz RF bandwidth over a stable UHF frequency range.

Evolution wireless G4 – 500 Series

Up to 88 MHz RF bandwidth, up to 32 channel receivers with Ethernet interface, support for Wireless System Manager (WSM) software, wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared, simple and flexible.

Evolution wireless G4 – IEM series

6 preset libraries, up to 16 compatible channels, up to 42 MHz bandwidth, 1680 selectable frequencies, simple and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver, new backlighting, fine display components The location is where fast synchronization is achieved. Simple to operate, flexible and reliable, making the G4 an ideal choice for filmmakers and journalists.

Evolution wireless G4 – 100P Series

The rugged wireless microphone system delivers outstanding broadcast-quality sound during outdoor and live recording, and is flexible enough to be installed on all cameras for easy operation and quick setup.

Evolution wireless G4 – 500P Series

Excellent cinematic sound quality, flexible in a variety of formats, up to 88 MHz bandwidth, up to 32 channels, enhanced RF output power, ensuring high transmission reliability under all conditions, suitable for a wide range of applications A versatile tool for applications, the ew 300 G4 is a versatile product for a wide range of applications thanks to its wide range of functions and a wide range of products.

Evolution wireless G4 – 300 Series

Flexible use, can meet all the requirements of professional audio, multi-channel operation, able to respond freely in multichannel set any indoor or outdoor activity, providing up to 88 MHz of RF bandwidth, easier and faster to set multi-channel system, can Remote control with Sennheiser’s advanced software solutions, the ew 300 G4 microphone system installed into the LSP 500 PRO speaker, can form a fully wireless sound reinforcement system, meeting all users’ cost-effective advanced audio integration solutions Requirements.

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