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How does blockchain technology development combine with existing industry chains?


As the saying goes, “Standing on the wind, pigs will wind”, then the biggest outlet in 2018 is undoubtedly the “blockchain”, the blockchain is in the early stages of development, and many technologies and business models are still being explored. Many rich myths, incredible counter-attacks to create wealth, are often familiar in the blockchain industry, so how to combine blockchains in the existing industrial chain? How to create your own blockchain industry chain form?

Various projects in the blockchain have emerged, issuing blockchain coins, doing blockchain underlying technology development, blockchain exchanges, doing blockchain applications, blockchain+games, in addition to online, and offline Blockchain logistics, product traceability and so on. From a big perspective, blockchain + finance is still the main force of the current industry, blockchain + various physical industries, blockchain + various Internet industry chains and all industries will be the future development direction. .

Current regulation and market

Since 2017, on the one hand, it has increased supervision over the “Isioou” project, and on the other hand, it has actively supported domestic blockchain-related research.

Bitcoin and blockchain

As the underlying system architecture technology of Bitcoin, blockchain is the first application of blockchain technology and the most successful application of “blockchain+”. Bitcoin is well known and well known. However, the development of the blockchain has only just begun this year. The blockchain can be applied in a very wide range. The market development space is still very sufficient, and it can be combined with many existing industries to operate.

Blockchain technology

In order to get rid of the dependence of the centralized system on a single point, the blockchain technology uses the p2p network to push the nodes of the whole network. The design of the bitmessage mail system is completely different from the traditional mail system. When you send an email, it will be sent to everyone in the mail network system. Everyone can try to decrypt it, but only those who have a private key can solve it.

How to combine blockchain technology with existing industry chains?

Yuanzhong Ruihe consultant said: First of all, we must analyze two factors. First, what are the industries that have been done so far? Whether there is a preliminary or mature plan, or a combination of ideas and development needs with the blockchain. The blockchain development consultants pay close attention to QKL17999. The second point is that if you want to combine blockchain technology to do your own industry chain, or just do blockchain related, you can find us to explore. If you are still considering whether your own products are suitable for combining blockchains, you can also ask us to discuss the questions and needs of this industry.

Some well-known industries in the blockchain industry

Various chain projects developed by the underlying technology of the blockchain, off-exchange OTC and C2C and other digital asset exchanges, trading exchange mode for btc/eth and other matching mechanisms, similar to Fcoin trading mining, French currency mining, currency digging Emerging models such as mines, blockchain + p2p mortgage financing, blockchain applications (similar to currency chat), community, chat, live and digital asset rewards, etc.

The traceability and traceability system of blockchain products has increased the number of life-related events such as fake vaccines, food safety, and pharmaceuticals. The combination of blockchain and traceability is undoubtedly the key development direction in the future, which can allow the traceability system to exert a lot of space.

Blockchain and big data

Big data mainly consists of three parts

  1. The product part includes product industries such as big data basic software and application software.
  2. The data part includes data sources (data collection, data provision), data circulation (data transaction, data sharing) and other industries directly related to data.
  3. The service part includes infrastructure services (data storage, transmission, cleaning, etc.) big data analysis and big data application services and other related industries.

Both big data and blockchain are distributed architectures. From the technical point of view of our developers, the blockchain books can be traced and anti-counterfeiting, and the traceability system makes the data provided by many parties more trustworthy. The combination of the two can maintain a complete big data form.

The combination of encryption technology and big data is an important technology point.

In the future, the blockchain will inevitably change the entire era of trust. Some people can use the blockchain. The prospect of the blockchain is very good. The inevitable development direction suggests that it is possible to find a specialization in the development of blockchain.


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