Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS that good? Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS difference comparison

Speaking of mobile phone emperor, most people in the Android camp will think of the Samsung Note series flagship machine, while the iOS camp is the iPhone. With the launch of the new generation of Samsung Note9 and Apple iPhone XS this year, today we follow the usual practice of doing a different evaluation of Apple XS and Samsung Note9 to see who is more attractive, and the fruit powder and star powder that come with them come together. Look down.

iPhone XS contrast Samsung Note9 difference evaluation

Which is better for Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS? Because everyone likes the brand, functional requirements, and budget, it is difficult for Theencarta to give a standard answer. The comparison in this issue is mainly to let you know the difference between these two mobile phones. After that, everyone based on their own budget and brand. Comprehensive considerations in terms of needs and so on, so it is not easy to entangle the choice.

Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS difference comparison
Contrast model Samsung Note9 Apple iPone XS
screen size 6.4 inch 2960×1440 pixel AMOLED full view 18.5:9 full screen 5.8-inch 2436×1125 pixel OLED Liu Haiping HDR display 82.9% screen ratio
CPU model Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 (64-bit eight core) Apple A12 Bionic Processor (64-bit six-core)
RAM memory 6/ 8GB 4GB
ROM storage 128/ 512GB (maximum support for 512GB storage expansion) 64GB/256GB/512GB
Camera specifications Front 8 million (F / 1.7) and rear 12 million + 12 million dual camera Front 7 million and rear 20 million (F/1.8) + 12 million wide-angle dual camera (smart HDR)
battery capacity 4000mAh (support fast charge and wireless charging) 2800mAh (supports 18W fast charging and wireless charging, standard 5W charger)
Network standard Full Netcom (supports dual card dual standby and Volte)
operating system Samsung Experience 9.5 (based on Android 8.1) iOS 12
Dimensions 161.9×76.4×8.8mm (201g) 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm (177g)
body color Frost blue, Danqing black, mysterious copper, lavender purple (glass body) Gold, deep gray, silver (glass body)
proposed price 6999/8999 yuan 8699 yuan / 10099 yuan / 11899 yuan
Mobile phone features Full screen, dual camera, fingerprint recognition,liquid cooling , wireless charging, IP68, S Pen, PC mode, Bixbay, Samsung Pay Liu Hai full screen, dual camera, Face ID face recognition, IP68, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, Siri, wireless charging

Below we mainly carry out a comprehensive comparative analysis from the aspects of appearance, screen, performance, camera, system, and battery life.

1, appearance comparison

Appearance, Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS are glass body design, both styles and styles continue the previous generation design style, ID design has no innovative elements, but the two design styles are also significantly different, mainly in The following aspects.

Samsung Note9 is a 18.5:9 hyperboloid non-bangs full screen design. Due to the surface, there is a full-view effect on the left and right sides, but the forehead and chin are wider. The front of the iPhone XS is a full-screen bangs screen, and uses the leading COP screen packaging process, the chin is very narrow, but there are black edges on the left and right, the visual effect is relatively inferior to the hyperbolic screen.


On the back side, the back of Samsung Note9 is 3D glass, parallel dual camera + fingerprint sensor + Logo centered design, while iPhone XS is 2.5D glass with relatively small arc, vertical double camera + intermediate logo design style, due to Face ID face recognition replaces fingerprint recognition, so the back is relatively simpler.1(1).jpg

In other respects, Samsung Note9 and iPhone X are all metal in the frame, the corners are very round, and the sides are not much different. In terms of body thickness, the XS is 7.7mm, while the Note9 is 8.8mm, which is relatively thicker, but the curved surface of the hyperboloid is larger, and the Note9 is also visually thin.1(1).jpg

From the design point of view, Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS can be said to have more advantages, the former is partial to the business model, while the latter is simpler. As for which is good-looking, the benevolent sees the benevolent and sees the wise and sees wisdom.

2, screen and performance comparison

On the screen side, Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS use Samsung’s top-level AMOLED screen. The size of Note9 is significantly larger, and the 2K ultra-clear resolution is higher than XS’s 1080P+. Samsung Note9 claims to be the best flagship machine in the current smart phone, compared to the iPhone XS, from the comparison of specifications, you can also feel the obvious advantages.1(1).jpg

Performance, Samsung Note9 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor , based on 10nm process, and iPhone XS is equipped with Apple’s own A12 six-core processor, based on the most advanced 7nm process, the following are the two phones The rabbits run to compare points.Which is better for Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS?  Apple XS contrast Samsung Note9 difference evaluation
iPhone XS and Samsung Note9 Ann Bunny running points contrast

From the comparison of the test of the running of the rabbit, the iPhone XS runs into 330,000+, while the Samsung Note9 runs into 280,000+. The difference between the two runs is 50,000 points, and the performance gap is obvious.

The iPhone XS is currently the world’s highest running smartphone, with poor performance. Compared with Samsung Note9 has a clear advantage. Of course, from the current experience point of view, the Xiaolong 845 is also strong enough. In the era of overcapacity of the flagship machine, the actual experience is not much different. It can only be said that the iPhone XS can better fight the future.

3, photo comparison

For the camera, Samsung Note9 is equipped with a front-mounted 8 million (F / 1.7) and rear 12 million + 12 million dual camera combination, while the iPhone XS is a front-end 7 million and rear 20 million (F / 1.8) + 12 million wide-angle Dual camera (smart HDR) combination, the camera specifications of the two are simple, the difference does not seem to be large.1(1).jpg

Below we mainly compare the actual photo proofs to feel the difference.Which is better for Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS?  Apple XS contrast Samsung Note9 difference evaluationiPhone XS and Samsung Note9 photo proofs comparison

As the two flagship flagship machines, Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS proofs are very good, excellent dynamic range and white balance and brilliant images are the common advantages, but the imaging style is slightly different. From the professional DxOMark camera website rating , the iPhone XS camera scored 105 points, slightly higher than Samsung Note9’s 103 points , the difference is actually not big, mainly depends on personal imaging style preferences.

4, system and battery life comparison

On the system side, Samsung Note9 is the Android camp, and iPhone XS is Apple’s exclusive iOS camp. From the perspective of word of mouth, iOS12 is more popular than Android, and its word of mouth is higher. Therefore, from the system level, iPhone XS is definitely more advantageous.

Which is better for Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS?  Apple XS contrast Samsung Note9 difference evaluation

In terms of battery life, Samsung Note9 has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery that supports fast charging and 10W wireless charging. iPhone XS is only about 2800mAh, and supports fast charging and wireless charging, but the standard charger is only 5V/1A. If you want to experience fast charging, you need to pay extra for the charger, which is quite tricky.

Therefore, from the endurance point of view, Samsung Note9 has a clear advantage over the iPhone XS.

5, mobile phone signal comparison

This year’s iPhone XS is due to the use of the Intel baseband method, and the problem of poor signal exposure has caused many users to pay attention. The following is a simple test of the signal capabilities of Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS mobile phones, as shown below.Which is better for Samsung Note9 and iPhone XS?  Apple XS contrast Samsung Note9 difference evaluationSamsung Note9 and iPhone XS signal comparison diagram (the higher the better)

Although this year’s iPhone XS has added 4*4 mimo technology and a new antenna design, from the current first models, the signal receiving capability is not really good. Compared with Samsung Note9, there is a clear gap, and maybe even Not as good as some domestic thousand yuan machine, there is still room for improvement in signal reception.

6, feature comparison

Samsung Note9’s highlights are mainly liquid cooling , unique S Pen, PC mode, while iPhone XS is Face ID face recognition, 3D Touch function, it can be said that each has its own merits, Note9’s most eye-catching features are S Pen stylus , use Convenient and rich in gameplay. XS is Face ID face recognition, based on 3D recognition technology, with high security, each has its own merits.

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