Is it too early to buy your kid a smartphone?


The increased use of the internet and advancements in technology has made everyone addicted to it. Even the kids have not left untouched from this. You cannot carry laptops or computers everywhere, smartphones were introduced that made the internet accessible everywhere and anywhere. Not only adults but kids have also become a fan of smartphone sand demand the same from their parents at a very early stage. But we as a parent we have to decide whether it is the right time to buy your kid a smartphone. We will also discuss 5 reasons you should track your child’s smartphone 2020.

Well buying a smartphone for your kids depends on several factors. You can consider 10-12 years as the right age as kids start getting online projects, social media activities, and communication with peer friends is, etc. The age can be less, in case you are working and your child stays at home with some maid. So it depends on the situation. Bui giving smartphone is not the solution. After you have given it to your kids, a big responsibility is waiting for you ahead. The responsibility of keeping your child safe from the cyber world.

You must have heard many cases of cyber threats, kids kidnapping, sexism, etc. The untracked use of the internet may end up these mishaps. To avoid such a thing happen to your kid, here are 5 reasons you should track your child’s smartphone 2020.

5 reasons you should track your child’s smartphone 2020

It is impossible to keep track of every single activity your child performs on the internet. Here are some ways that will help you keep track of what your kid is doing.

  1. Inappropriate content and apps

The internet is flooded with inappropriate content. Many times a pop-up comes with adult content or something like that to lure kids. And kids unknowingly or knowingly click on that to know what is in this. And then starts the work of online predators waiting for their prey. With the use of various parenting ap3qps, you can block them and the apps will also send you an alert if any message like this comes up on your child’s screen.

  1. Information sharing

There are chances that your kid might not use privacy filters while communicating with his friends or strangers over the internet. Tsi can harm security due to a lack of knowledge and some excitement, children might not use privacy filters while communicating with friends or strangers over social media sites. This can make them easy prey for predators. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of parents to keep children safe from these issues and explain to them not to share any sensitive or personal information like their location, bank, details, etc to anyone.

  1. Cyberbullying

It is one of the most common cyber harm that can affect a child physically and mentally. Your child may feel embarrassed to talk about this with you. The sue of parenting apps can help you to know what all your kid is doing online.

  1. Addiction

Giving a smartphone to a kid means he will spend most of his time on the phone playing games, listening to songs, enjoying videos on Youtube, etc eventually making them addicted to phones. The chances are that your child can be involved in some inappropriate texting or get into a wrong friend circle. This will distract his mind from studied, eating, and in every other activity, he liked. To avoid that, keep track.

  1. Reputation

The sending inappropriate content or chatting about them has become common among the teens. But one posted, it will ruin their reputation, and many times that can compel kids to take some serious step. Therefore tracking your kid’s online activity is a must.


Giving smart phones are not a big deal but to track what they are doing must be tracked. This is for their own sake.

Hope the above 5 reasons you should track your smartphones will help you keep your child safe.

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