Relocating to Thailand? Top Tips


If you are one of the millions of digital nomads and you’re planning to relocate to sunny Thailand, you have come to the right place. We totally understand choosing this unique country and in order to help you prepare for your relocation, here are a few tips.

  • Visas – Unless you happen to be aged 50 or over, obtaining a long-term visa might be difficult. Over 50s can apply for a retirement visa, whereas there is yet to be a visa for digital nomads; options include studying the Thai language, Buddhism or even Muay Thai, the ancient art of self-defence. If you marry with a Thai citizen, then you can apply for a marriage visa, which you can renew yearly, without having to leave the country. Many people go to visa agents for a successful outcome; whatever happens, never overstay your visa.
  • Buying real estate – Whether you are looking for a house for sale in Pattaya Thailand or a condo in Bangkok, Google is your best friend and can help you find the right property. Browse the many properties and make a shortlist for viewing and before long, you will find the perfect pool villa or condo and you can start the next exciting chapter of your life.
  • Health insurance – We shouldn’t take our good health for granted and when living in a foreign country, you really do need a level of medical insurance. In the event you need a stay in hospital, we hope you have deep pockets; or you have health insurance because treatment is never cheap. Search online for leading insurers who offer a range of health insurance policies and once payment is received, your policy is activated.
  • Travel to find the best location – Of course, we are all unique and we recommend spending time in all parts of Thailand; take a 30-day holiday, spend a week in Bangkok, a week in Phuket and a week in Chiang Mai, the major northern city in Thailand. Once you find a location that suits you, start looking at real estate and take your time, there are many properties on the market. If you are a digital nomad, here are a few reasons why a laptop is better than a desktop PC.
  • Bringing your furniture – This is a hot topic of discussion; while it is possible to have all your furniture shipped by container, you will have to pay import duty and it might be better to purchase furniture in Thailand. Of course, you might be emotionally attached to your personal possessions, in which case send an email to a freight forwarding company to get a quote.
  • Open a bank account – Strange as this might seem, some banks will not permit you to open a savings account without a work permit and should you encounter this, try another bank and eventually, you will hit pay dirt! You can choose their online banking package, which allows you to wire money from your laptop.

Once you have your flights and accommodation booked, you can look forward to arriving in this unique country and if you need some tourism information, click here.


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