How Can Travelling Help You Become a Better Writer?


You will hear of various successful authors who wrote while traveling. There is a lot of time to kill while commuting when you travel. No matter what transport you choose, bus, train or flights, you get to indulge your brain. Travel is known to relax the mind, body, and soul.

When you take up writing full-time, you are a self-employed individual. And, you can find it all the time in the world. While traveling, you can bring all your experiences into the book you are writing. Many writers come up with thrillers on their travel.

The places, the landscapes, and cultural interactions give rise to characters and settings. Additionally, negligible and minor incidents can grow into big plots. Moreover, writers who write while traveling never face writer’s block. The reason is there is a constant flow of ideas for your notes. Read about the ways you can become a successful writer while traveling.

Gives You Lots of Stories

When you travel, you hear lots of stories about the transport you are traveling in. Additionally, you meet lots of people, and also listen to theirs. So, there is no dearth of the plot for you. If you happen to travel to London’s underground crypts, you get the aura of the bygone era. And, when the guides narrate the ordeals of the people who were entombed there, it gives rise to characters and storylines in your mind.

When you travel, the world opens up in front of you. The historical places can bring out past incidents that you can use with a twist in the present. And geographically diverse and scenic landscapes can give you a flurry of thoughts and artistic words.

Expands Your Network

Being a writer can be isolating. When you travel with a companion or a group, you cannot write, as you get preoccupied with other things. But you can deliberately travel to meet like-minded people, who are poets and writers in their own right. Conventions and Writer’s meets are quite common today. It allows you to travel while meeting writers from your genre.

Sit down with a person looking for inspiration and share your thoughts over a hot cup of beverage. No event is complete without drinks. The tea, coffee maker machine price is relatively low today, and everybody can afford it. Most venues rent it from caterers. It is a must to get the conversations started. Additionally, you will find your creative juices flowing after having them. They are like aphrodisiacs.

These also bring people together. Apart from providing hydration, these are an essential and irreplaceable part of our lives. It is more so for creative people, who work at odd hours. So, you can also buy one and have it by your bedside for quick thoughts.

Adds Truthfulness

When you travel, you visit places and note the imagery. And, then when you weave that imagery with another story that you heard en route, it starts giving out a more realistic feel. You must have noticed that some stories are convincing, whereas others are not. If you, as a writer, visit the location where your plot took place, you can give a realistic outlook. The description of the objects, the location, the sky, and the weather catapults the reader to that very place virtually. Thus, your story also seems authentic.

Acts Like Education

It may help you as a writer to gather more knowledge. A school can teach you grammar, like words, sentence formation, and paragraph writing. But it can never lead you to imagine. That has to come from within. You will notice that the best writers never stop learning. You can also constantly read more books, which is possible while traveling. There will be a bigger urge to write when you are at your desk.

Many writers cannot afford to enroll in academic programs throughout their lives. This is why traveling is essential. The planning stage can improve your critical thinking skills. When you are at the actual spot, you learn historical and cultural lessons. Traveling can give you that ideation lesson, which a course or your online resource cannot. It is because your way of seeing things and your resource’s way of seeing things are not similar.

Gives You Writing Material

The journey that you undertake gives you enough to write on. Many people pen down their travel stories and publish them as books or memoirs. Writing what you have been through and what you have seen with your own eyes is always easier than imagining new ones. So, do it to the best of your abilities while choosing the right words.

These are the reasons why travel can make you a great writer. Think out of the box and develop new stories in the right instances. Learn more about the impact of traveling on mental health and thinking power, on this website:


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