Here’s How Makes for An Outstanding Search Engine


With everything turning digital, our exploration and quenching of knowledge-lust are also looking at digital options. There’s no doubt that Google is the primary search engine used all over the world, followed by Yahoo and Bing. In other words, the world’s directories and information are all maintained by the servers of these giants.

No matter how secure these companies may state their operations and data encryption, there are always those who can break into their firewalls. So the question naturally comes up, is it safe to be using and sharing your information with these huge data banks?

Well, thanks to the growing awareness and, of course, the technology evolution we have other better options. One of these options is, a search engine that has completely transformed the search experience. Here’s what makes this search engine stand out from the rest of the jargon:

· Filter-Proof Search

While the giants require you to put in relevant keywords for your desired results, makes it easier. In the case of the giants, the more precise and detailed you enter the keywords, the more filtered becomes your search. Whereas in the case of, you can feed whatever information you have about the results you desire, and you get the unfiltered, most relevant results.

· Slick Response

There’s a humongous amount of data present online. It is estimated that the value of the current information present online is more than 1.2 million terabytes. And this data is just held by the four giants playing in the data storage and information processing. The actual data may exceed way more than this value, and it is growing with every passing day. So, it is pretty difficult to organize and manage all this data. But, has a simple yet responsive program that responds to the search within microseconds, crawling through all the relevant categories and information on the internet. This reduces the response time and makes searching any information more streamlined.

· Avoid Ads

One of the most annoying things that we all come across during our search is the advertisements. You wish to search for the lyrics of your favorite song, and there pops up an ad with completely irrelevant information. This is where exceeds expectations and beats off the giants. This new search engine makes the search experience pleasant, avoiding any or all ads if you wish to. Imagine if you are not probed by any paid advertisement, and there’s just a piece of information that you are seeking. Isn’t it great?

· Black Theme

Another, such an outstanding feature of this search engine is its simplistic theme. The all black background makes it easier to concentrate on what’s needed and distinguishes the diversions that one may find on other search engines. This is supported by psychological facts, plain and simple layouts are more efficient in grabbing attention, without disturbing the user. And who doesn’t want to be efficient while working?

If you’d want a piece of personalized advice, you should seriously look into increasing your productivity and saving on your time, by using as your default search engine.


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