What does HDMI mean? What is the use of the HDMI interface?


HDMI English full name 〖High Definition Multimedia Interface〗 is a digital video/audio interface technology, is a dedicated digital interface for image transmission, which can transmit audio and video signals at the same time, the highest data transmission speed is 18Gbps, without the need for signal transmission Perform digital/analogue or analogue/digital conversion before.

What is HDMI meaning HDMI interface knowledge literacy?

Popularly speaking, HDMI is a high-definition video interface, which is common in mainstream notebooks, LCD TVs, video cards, and motherboards. HDMI is a digital video/audio interface technology. It is a dedicated digital interface suitable for image transmission. It can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. The maximum data transmission speed is 5Gbps. It can support 1080P and 720P full HD format video output. At present, the most popular high-definition interface, which is unmatched by the ordinary VGA display interface, is like the wideband telephone line broadband and fiber optic, the ability to transmit data is very different.

What is HDMI meaning HDMI interface knowledge literacy?

The picture shows the notebook HDMI interface

Of course, the current high-definition interface is not only HDMI, such as DP high-definition interface, etc., interested friends, you can also understand.

What is the use of the HDMI interface?

HDMI mainly meets the needs of HDP above 1080P. For example, the motherboard or graphics card is equipped with HDMI interface. It means that the computer equipped with the motherboard or graphics card supports 1080P video output. We can connect the monitor with 1080P resolution or LCD TV to the computer and play 1080P full HD video.

Mainstream LCD TVs, are generally equipped with an HDMI high-definition interface, which can be used to connect a desktop computer or a notebook that supports 1080P full HD video through an HDMI data cable to realize a large-screen 1080P ultra-clear video experience.

HDMI interface error: HDMI interface can not transmit audio

Many people think that HDMI is just a video interface, only supports image signal transmission, and does not support audio signals. Generally, when we connect the computer to the LCD TV through the HDMI cable, we will find that the TV has no sound, and we need to add an additional audio cable.

LCD TV HDMI interface

But in fact, the HDMI port connection supports sound transmission, but most of the computer’s audio and video signals are independent of each other, respectively, so that many friends mistakenly believe that the HDMI interface does not support audio.

HDMI interface knowledge

In August 2005, the HDMI 1.2a interface had a bandwidth of 165MHz and a transmission rate of 4.95Gbps.

On May 22, 2006, seven companies including Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Silicon image, and Thomson (RCA), which have established HDMI standards, announced the HDMI 1.3 interface standard. The new standard doubled the bandwidth and speed. Above, it achieves a bandwidth of 340MHz and a rate of 10.2Gbps to meet the latest 1440P/WAXGA resolution requirements.

On May 30, 2009, HDMI Licensing, LLC, the HDMI specification authority, announced the technical features of HDMI 1.4, adding HDMI Ethernet channel, audio feedback channel, and supporting higher resolution: HD resolution supported by HDMI devices will reach 7 features such as 4K×2K.

According to the above definition, the transmission of 1080p signal only needs HDMI 1.2a version of the interface is enough to cope with more than enough, the current product using HDMI 1.3 interface is only for future higher specification HD signal and 10 channels or more The ultra-high bandwidth data transmission is prepared in advance for application.

Introduced here, I believe that everyone will have an in-depth understanding of what HDMI is and the HDMI interface, HDMI interface has now appeared on computers, notebooks, LCD TVs and other devices on the stage, everyone is very common, we only need to understand HDMI It is a high-definition video interface that is more mainstream than the traditional VGA interface and supports 1080P full HD video transmission.


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