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Best GPS Tracker Every Concerned Parent Should Invest In


As parents, we always want to know where our kids are and whether they are safe. We could drop them at school, assuming that they are safe. But kids can leave at lunch break and end up in dangerous places. Also, over the weekends, it might be hard to know where your child is.

If you are a concerned parent, here are the GPS tracking devices you should consider using.


Are you looking for a compact GPS tracker with all the necessary features? Then Jiobit is for you. This tracker works great, but it is not bigger than a standard-size cookie as claimed by the company. It comes with a live tracking feature that lets you check in whenever you want to.

According to the company, the Jiobit GPS tracker provides government-level encryption. With the real-time tracker, you can know the current location of your child. To establish a connection with you, your child will use the Alert Me feature that the device comes with.


This GPS tracking device is meant for kids who tend to wander off most of the time. The thing with this device is that it features auto-answer functionality. It will let you listen to your little angels any time, regardless of where they are.

The device has unlimited live location tracking, detailed location histories. Which are customizable geofencing and an alert to let you know each time they miss the bus. The device comes with a sim card, and you will enjoy a monthly plan of not more than $39.99. You will also get a total of 60 voice minutes each month.


This amazing GPS tracking device comes in the form of a smartwatch. Like any other smartphone, your kid can use this device to make and receive calls whenever they want. In case of an emergency, KIDSnav comes with an SOS button that they can use to alert their parents or caretaker.

With the pedometer feature, you can track the steps your kids make each day and pin their location. You also need to know that it comes with a remover sensor, so you will know when your child removes it from their wrist.

Find My Kids

It is impossible to mention some of the best GPS trackers for kids without talking about Find My Kids. You can install this app on your child’s smartphone or even hand them the tracker watch. Since it is comprehensive for tracking all the locations your kids have been to

If you have it as an app on your child’s phone, then you will know the time they spent on each app. There is also the call for help button that your child can use in case of an emergency. They can also share photos of where they are.

Lil Tracker

The Lil Tracker is another good GPS device that you can use to know your child’s whereabouts. It is one of the most user-friendly devices you can ever find on the market. It comes in the form of a smartwatch, so your child will enjoy wearing it to different places. The device can be found in different colors.

It is possible to text or call your children using the app. Once your child dials the SOS button, the device will call everyone whose number is on the watch.

SmartThings Tracker

This list wouldn’t be complete without saying a thing or two about SmartThings Tracker. If you are looking for a GPS device that comes with all the essential features you need, then the SmartThings tracker is the best answer for you.

You will set a given zone, and the tracker will let you know each time your child is out of that zone. On a single charge, this tracker will last ten days, and its quality performance will never drop. The device will automatically go to power saving mode after every 30 minutes of inactivity.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the best GPS tracking devices for kids you need to invest in. They have essential features you need to ensure that your little angels are safe at all times. The good thing is that they are very easy to use. Have you ever used any of the tracking devices in this guide? Kindly share your experience below.

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