Benefits Of Edu Mail – Claim Up To 1000$ Students Discount


Benefits of Edu Mail

Benefits of .edu email. This Post is only for students and people having a .edu email. In this article, I will show you how many benefits you can get with a single Edu email that you often get from your School, College or University. So Read till the end and Redeem your 1000$.

Totally free stuff for students.

So Sit Tight I am now going to tell you ready to grab things. Here is the list of Free Stuff Offered by Companies for Students.

  • .me domain name for your Online Resume (Profile) or CV
  • Unlimited Google Drive Storage
  • Carto Free For Two Years
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Autodesk (Autocad, Maya)
  • Atom A Hackable Text Editor
  • Amazon AWS Education up to 150$
  • Bitnami Free For Year
  • Free Access to CrowdFlower
  • DataDog Pro Account Free For Two Year
  • Digital Ocean 50$ Coupon
  • Flatiron School – Learn Web Development ( 150$ Value)
  • Github – Unlimited Private Repositories Free
  • GitKraken – Free Pro Account For One Year
  • Hack Hands – Free Programming Help (25$ Credit)
  • Suit of Microsoft Imagine
  • Microsoft Azure (300$ Credit)
  • Namecheap Free SSL Certificate
  • SendGrid – 15k emails
  • Sentry – Programming Error Tracker
  • Stripe – Payment Processor (1000$ Free)
  • Taplytics – Mobile App Testing – Free for 6 Month
  • ThinkFull – Learn Web Development Free For One Month
  • Transifex – Free For Year (99$ value)
  • Travis CI – Integration Platform
  • Unreal Engine – Game Development Suit – Free
  • Amazon Prime Free For 6 Months (99$ cost)
  • Apple Music/Spotify 50% Off
  • Apple Store Discount Up To 200$
  • Apple’s Education Bundle Only for 199$
  • LastPass Premium Free For 6 Months
  • Adobe – 60% Off on All Apps
  • Fetch File Transfer
  • Norton – 50% Off
  • Powtoon – Video Animation
  • Prezi – Online Presentations for Free
  • LucidChart – Online Graphs Making – Free
  • Dell – Exclusive Discount Offers
  • JetBrains – Free License

Unlimited Drive Storage

With your Edu email, you will automatically get unlimited google drive storage for free.Also Unlimited Storage for Google Photos. Open your Google Drive And Enjoy unlimited Drive Storage.

Github Education – Student Pack

Ok, it’s the biggest Deal you can get with a .edu email. with this bundle, you will get a lot of discounts.

So, The Question is How to get Github Education Pack

  1. Go to GitHub Education
  2. Click on Get Your Pack
  3. Simply sign up Providing your Edu Mail

In this GitHub Pack, You will unlock a lot of free Stuff. Hold on and Keep Reading

NameCheap Free Domain

In the world of the internet, everyone here wants a domain name for their online presence. Not only for your website or blog but for your portfolio you need a Domain Name. Normally it is 18.99$ per year. And Everyone asking How to get a Free Domain. So yes, You can get a free .me domain for your resume or CV for free. Oh Yes, You will get free email hosting. To claim Your Free .me Domain you need to follow these Steps

  1. Go to me
  2. Search For Your Domain
  3. Shop your Selected Domain
  4. Signup at the end with your .edu email

Other Discounted Domain Names from NameCheap are

  • .com only for 5$
  • .link only for 3$
  • .io only for 25$
  • .rocks only for 5$
  • .club only for 0.99$
  • .website only for 0.99$
  • .co only for 0.99$
  • .design only for 5$

NameCheap Free SSL certificate

SSL certificate is a certificate every website owner is looking for. It increases the user trust about the website.It Normally cost 10 per year. But Yes You are a student and you can get it for free when you unpack your Students pack at GitHub Education

You Will find NameCheap and a Coupon Code below that you can add it in your promotion code while purchasing SSL Certificate from NameCheap.

Digital Ocean 50$ Coupon

Digital Ocean

is the biggest name in the field of VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is the most efficient web hosting and Digital Ocean. Its Pricing starts with 5$ per month. With your Github Student pack code, you will get 60$ credit from Digital Ocean.

  • 10$ for signing up as a new user
  • 50$ for being a student

So with this 60$, you can easily get VPS hosting for free on Digital Ocean.

Microsoft Azure 300$ in credit

With your GitHub Student Pack, you will also get another amazing discount and credit that is 300 from Microsoft for Azure use. With This 300 You can get

  • RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Web Hosting
  • and much more at

Unreal Engine – Ultimate Game Development

Unreal Engine is one of the great names for game development tools. If you are a student then you can easily get it in your GitHub Student Pack. Ok, Start Developing Games.

Amazon AWS 150$ in Credit

with your GitHub Student Pack, you will get 150 Credit for the use of Amazon AWS. AWS Educate is the program by Amazon for Students. With These 150 you can get RDP, Compute Engines, App and Web Development etc.

Atom Editor

Atom Is a hackable Text Editor. Computer and programming Students would be interested in it.

Bitnami Free For One Year

Bitnami is an App Installer on cloud hostings. It is also free for one year if you are a student. Business 3 Plan is free

Carto Free for Two Years


is an online data analysis and application creating a platform. You will get real-time data with location and all other premium features for free.

CrowFlower Access for free

It is a data mining and crowdsourcing Company. Useful for people interested in Artificial Intelligence.

DataDog Free For Two Year

For Developers of Applications and sites, this is one of the most important things. With DataDog you can get complete tracking of your cloud application.

Flatiron School Free One Month

Flatiron School provides you with a complete education about Web Development. It’s 149$ cost 1-month membership is free and we are waiting for you to learn.

GitHub Private Repositories

You will get unlimited private Repositories from GitHub for Code management and review.

GitKraken – Free For One Year

You will get a pro Account of Gitraken free for one year.

SendGrid Discount

They Provide Email Infrastructure with Up To 15000 emails per month for free only for students.

Sentry – Unlimited Projects

Sentry is an error-tracking platform for all language codes. You can create and manage unlimited projects if you are a student.

Stripe – Pay System

For Developers of Apps and the Web, you can establish a payment System Easily with your Stripe.

Special Discount is available for Students

Taplytics – Free For 6 Months

For Mobile Applications it is a testing platform. As long as you are a student you can get a 6-month free access.

Thinkful – Free for one month


is one of the great platforms for learning Web Development. With ThinkFull you will get the free course and all tools for free but only for one month

Transifex – Free For One Year

It’s a platform to translate your code. You will get 99$ cost one-year subscription for absolutely free

Travis CI – Discount

Travis CI

is an integration platform. it will cost only 69$ per month while you are a student.

Also, Read IDM Latest Version Cracked – Free Download With Serial Key

Microsoft Office 365 free

Everyone Knows Microsoft Office 365. I got many People asking how to get free Microsoft Office 365. But Of course, you are a student so you can get a free Microsoft Office 365.

Visit at Microsoft Website

Enter your email and Welcome to Microsoft 365

There are a lot of other promotions and discounts they will give you Microsoft Discounts

Amazon Prime Free For 6 Months

With your .edu email, you can get a free Amazon Prime membership for 6 months. So, What is Amazon Prime membership for?

Apple Music/Spotify 50% off

Apple Music and Spotify are some of the benefits of your .edu email. Apple Music will offer you a discount of 50 when you sign up with your .edu email.

Apple Store Discount Up to 200$

Yes, it is true. with email or being a student, you can get huge discounts on Apple hardware products. They offer up to 200$ discounts every year per student. So if you are an Apple customer you must take advantage of these great offers. you can see all discounts here at Apple Store

Apple’s Education Bundle is just 199$

Ok, it is still expensive for some of the students but you can buy Apple’s education bundle just for 199$ with a bundle of apps for learning. You can buy it here at Apples Store

Autodesk – Autocad and Maya for free

One of the most important software for engineers is Autocad, Autodesk, and Maya. With your .edu email, you can get this software for free. just go and grab it.

Last Pass Premium Free 6 months.

The last pass is a great extension for getting out of that headache of remembering passwords.Its Premium edition adds a lot in its features so as a student and having a .edu email you can buy Last Pass Premium free for 6 months

Adobe 60% off on all products

Adobe needs no introduction. They offer 60 off on all of their products only for students

Fetch File Transfer – Free

Fetch File Transfer is great for files transfer in mac, in between servers and websites.with your .edu email you can get a free license of Fetch File Transfer for a lifetime.

Powtoon – Video Animation

Powtoon is the best video animation platform. Most of the animated videos on the internet are created using Powtoon. Powtoon offers a basic plan free for students with a lot of features. I personally recommend giving it a try once.

Prezi – Online Presentation tool


is an online presentation-creating software. It’s the best software for making presentations. For Students, it’s free and you can use this dynamic tool for presentations.

LucidChart – Online Graphs Making – Free


is an online graph-making software. you can get free access to it if you have a .edu email. Sign up with it and use the lucidchart for free it’s great try to design graphs here.

Dell – Exclusive discounts

Dell offers exclusive discounts for students. You can sign up at the Dell store and get exclusive discounts on Dell products you can check all discounts here Dell Store.

JetBrains Free License


is providing all of its software free for Students. Including IntelliJ Idea Ultimate Resharp Ultimate. This software is for developers and programmers and is free for students.

There are a lot of discounts that I haven’t mentioned here you can search and before spending money always look for student discounts it makes a lot of savings.

If you are not a student and still want to get these offers and discounts then contact us to buy.


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