Assembly Language

Advantages And Uses Of Assembly Language


Why should anyone learn assembly language? especially when you have high-level programming languages like Python and Java..?

Do you have the same question?

Well, If yes… you have come to a very place where you can get your answer…

Here is the list of advantages of assembly programming language

Understanding machine language:

At this level, I hope you know computer and any programmable device only understand two things 0 or 1.Different combinations of these 0’s and 1’s tell the computer’s processor what to do. and when to do it.

Machine language is the computer understandable language. Humans can’t possibly understand machine language… What if you need to know what is going on in your processor when you write a command?

The best possible way to understand machine language is to understand Assembly language. You know every minor thing. As Assembly language codes into very low-level

Less memory usage:

In assembly language, you mostly use registers for operations… Registers are used for temporary storage purpose

Here is a detailed article on Registers

—> What is Computer Register? – Types and Functions Explained

Time Efficient.

Firstly, Assembly language is the lowest level coding… So, Compiler or editor takes no time to decode it.

Secondly, In assembly language, you mostly use registers so the speed of program increases because CPU doesn’t need to fetch data from storage outside the CPU.

Interrupt Service Routine.

ISR is a routine that is invoked by an interrupt. There are 3 types of Interrupts

  1. Software Interrupt
  2. Hardware Interrupt
  3. Timer Interrupt

In Assembly language, you can change or edit ISR according to your need. You can make your own ISR invoke on specified interrupts. I will explain it in Interrupts chapter later.

Hardware Manipulation & Processor Instructions.

In Assembly language, you can use processor instructions directly so you can easily manipulate hardware according to your program need.

Low-Level Embedded System.

Assembly language is used to program embedded system like ovens. Because it is time and storage efficiency and can manipulate hardware.

So, Now I hope you got your answer about the importance of Assembly language. If not? feel free to ask in the comment section.


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