Where to Get Photoshop Free?


Check out these 4 ways to get Photoshop for free, explaining their main advantages and disadvantages. You will also find the list of the best free Photoshop alternatives and reasons you should NOT download torrent files.

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Way 1: Photoshop CC Free Trial


  • Completely legal & free
  • New, professional tools
  • Full access to all functionality
  • Optimized
  • Cloud storage


  • Limited

The easiest way to get Photoshop free and keep all its features is by using a trial version. However, it is worth mentioning that this method has a limited period. After the expiry date (7 days from the first launch), you will have to renew your subscription by selecting one of the available plans. The trial period will be a great choice for those, who haven’t previously used Adobe products, as you will get access to all the functionality, including Creative Cloud, with its cloud storage and close integration.

Using Photoshop, you may forget about Lightroom, because thanks to the built-in RAW camera you can perform the color correction of your images, both basic and deep image retouching, or even completely change the image beyond recognition. Photoshop supports all image formats and works best with RAW files.

Adobe Photoshop CC is a powerful graphics editor. It has a lot of modern tools and the support of Wacom graphics tablets, as well as other manufacturers, so you will not experience any difficulties during digital drawing and designing.

Way 2: Photoshop Elements Trial


  • Does not require powerful PC
  • A trial period lasts a month
  • Easy learning curve
  • Multiple editor modes
  • One-time payment


  • Less effective for professional tasks
  • A small number of professional tools
  • Not included in Creative Cloud

Free Photoshop Elements is a limited version of Photoshop CC. It’s less efficient, but it’s still a powerful editor from Adobe. This program is designed for those people, who do not need all the features of Photoshop, but only its basic functions, so that nothing can cause difficulties.

This free alternative to Photoshop is perfect for basic image editing like cropping, color correction, basic photo retouching. Two separate modules (simple and advanced) are worth mentioning. The Simple module is mainly for beginners and contains automatic settings, and Advanced is similar to its older brother. This version even has a full-fledged RAW Camera.

Photoshop Elements is not part of the Creative Cloud family, finding it on the official website is easier than it seems. You can get the free 30-day version on the official website by going to the “Products” section, which is at the bottom of the page, then select “Elements 2019 Family”. After the trial ends, you can purchase the software for $99.99.

Way 3: Photoshop Express Mobile


  • Free
  • Close integration with Creative Cloud products
  • RAW support


  • Not suitable for professional photo retouching
  • Almost no brushes

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free, multifunctional mobile app for quick and easy photo editing and creating collages. You can use filters, edit photos, apply different effects and post them on social networks. This application works with Creative Cloud and, moreover, has its own cloud. I must admit that this program lacks the function of full-fledged image retouching. You can correct only some skin imperfections and apply a filter for color correction. But still, the main advantage is that it`s free of charge.

One of the distinguishing features is that you can work with RAW files. It is worth mentioning that even not all the desktop alternatives support this format. With dozens of sliders you can perform basic color correction or do it in the Auto mode. This method we recommend using only in one case – if your picture was taken in good and proper lighting. With the Healing Brush tool, you can correct some skin imperfections. There is also an automatic red-eye removal feature.

Working with Photoshop Express, you can always send your photo to the cloud and continue working on your PC. You can also send your photo to Lightroom because there is a tight integration between the programs.

Way 4: Photoshop CS2


  • Completely free
  • Does not require powerful PC configuration
  • Suitable for basic tasks


  • Tools and functionality are outdated
  • No updates
  • No technical support
  • Lacks cloud storage

You may not have known, but there is another equally effective way how to get Photoshop for free – use free CS2 version. Adobe hides this version well on its official website, because it is more than 10 years old, and, accordingly, all the problems, flaws, bugs and lags that have been fixed in new updates remained in this version. Moreover, CS2 version doesn’t open RAW files from your new camera, because its base does not contain new formats.

Note: Since the developers have long abandoned the official support of this version, Adobe is not responsible for it. So, no one will help you if there occur any problems after or during the installation.

Photoshop CS2 will help you with some elementary actions such as cropping, formatting and basic pictures editing. On the other hand, the latest CC version is opening a lot of opportunities for users since Photoshop is working on improving each subsequent program. Users were pleasantly astonished when Photoshop announced the release of free CS2 series. Now we can legally and free of charge download the program just in several steps:

STEP 1. Register or log in to your Adobe ID.

STEP 2. Go to the CS2 package download page.

STEP 3. Read the user agreement and download Photoshop.

This guide is also helpful if you want to learn how to get Photoshop CS6 for free to avoid $10-month subscription.

Why Stop Using Photoshop Torrent?

Many photographers are convinced that the subscription system is wrong and that it was better when you just bought a license key and forgot about the software forever. Based on this opinion, many have switched to the illegal method, because they don’t want to pay $9.99 per month, i.e. $120 per year, although I think it’s just ridiculous for software of this level. To keep you safe from possible problems, I have compiled a small list of problems that may occur to you or your PC using torrent resources:

  1. The use of pirated software is illegal – you will be forced to pay a fine of $1000
  2. You will get no technical support if there is any problem
  3. Pirated copies are not valid and do not always work as planned – your PC may become infected with viruses
  4. Forget about Creative Cloud and cloud services

Free Photoshop Alternatives

There are very few Photoshop free alternatives since this program is the most effective and powerful software for photo editing, the market leader with commercial editing tools and the most well-known product of Adobe. But if you don`t mind trying other full-fledged programs for free, then you can download programs like PaintNET, Pixlr, Krita, Photo Pos Pro, GIMP, PhotoScape, InPixio. Address professional photo editing services like FixThePhoto and get professional services for about $2 per image.


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