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What Personality Traits Are Ideal for a Career in Sales?


If you are about to finish your education and you are considering a career in sales, you have come to the right place, as we take a close look at the personality traits you would find in a successful salesperson.

  • Positive mental attitude – Those with a glass-half-empty attitude towards life would not be suitable for a career in sales. A course of หลักสูตร อบรม พนักงาน (curriculum staff training) would be essential to determine if the participants have a healthy positive mental attitude, or PMA, as it is known.
  • Excellent communication skills – As you would expect, a successful salesperson would be a good communicator and with regular sales training courses, communication can be improved. One aspect of sales is to be a good listener and establish a positive relationship with the client, most large companies put their sales staff through a wide range of training courses to address any shortcomings.
  • Desire to learn – A lot of sales skills can be taught, providing the students have the desire to learn; when a sales manager looks at new recruits, they look for a person who desires success, as this kind of person will put in the work needed to achieve your goals. Ambition is an important trait for any career-minded person and with the right training, you can achieve your career goals. Click here to find out what qualifications are required to be a government official.
  • Self-confidence – You need to have a degree of self-confidence in order to be in sales; ideally, you would be an outgoing person who makes friends easily and is very approachable. Research tells us that people with a healthy self-esteem are more likely to be successful in a sales environment. It is possible for an introvert to change, although it is unlikely to happen.
  • Empathy – An empathetic person can put themselves in another’s position, which is important in sales. This is also important with sales management, as trust should be built-up between manager and salesperson.
  • Quick learner – The world of sales is extremely competitive and you need to learn on the job at a fairly quick pace. Sales is typically a performance sector; you are only as good as last month’s sales figures. Poor performance would lead to further training and if there is no improvement, you probably should look at another career.
  • Honesty – Honesty is important with any career, especially in sales, when trust is required. It is essential that salespeople believe in their product and enthusiasm transfers to the customer. If, for example, a person works selling a brand of car that they don’t personally like, this would probably be apparent to the potential customer.

If you are thinking about getting into sales and you have all of the above, start looking at products and companies with a view to starting as a trainee.  Click here for career advice from the Thai Board of Investment, if you are thinking of living and working in Thailand.


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