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Advantages and disadvantages of VPN in practical application


Virtual Private Network (VPN). Its function is to establish a private network on the public network for encrypted communication. Widely used in enterprise networks. The VPN gateway implements remote access by encrypting the data packet and converting the destination address of the data packet.

VPN is defined as establishing a temporary, secure connection through a public internet work. It is a secure and stable tunnel through a chaotic public network.

This tunnel can be used to encrypt data several times to achieve the safe use of the Internet. Widely used in corporate offices, the virtual private network can also be an extension for the intranet. The virtual private network can help remote users, company branches, business partners and suppliers establish a trusted and secure connection with the company’s intranet. Cost-effectively connect to the virtual extranet of the business partner and user’s secure extranet, so many office workers need to establish a VPN connection in their own computers, which is convenient for remote offices and so on.

What is the use of a VPN?

Since the VPN private network is safer, more professional, and more free, the use of VPN is self-evident. I will not talk about commercial use, I will talk about the use of VPNs for ordinary netizens. But before moving ahead, we would suggest you have a look at this nordvpn trial and decide if it suits you or you should go for another option.

What do you do when you very much want to visit a foreign website that is blocked by GFW? Some people will say that through the Internet, there are some free online agents online service, you can try. Yes, I used to do this before, but free online agents have a lot of limitations. For example, the website is open too fast, the webpage advertisement is too much, the key webpage cannot be opened (login page and comment page), etc. The free online proxy is online, and can only be used for temporary visit to the website, and wants to be regular and long-lasting. The access, free online proxy Internet access is far from meeting the requirements.

However, if you have a VPN, everything is not so complicated. After connecting to the VPN, the foreign website is accessible to you. It is fast, ad-free, and unlimited. You can freely open FaceBook (Facebook) and Twitter (push). Special), Youtube and other websites.

If you are playing online games, you must know that a certain game will have a corresponding server in different regions. When we choose a server, we often choose the server in our local domain because the local server is for ourselves. The speed is definitely the fastest. According to, VPN also allow you to conduct your Kodi streaming anonymously.

However, sometimes a game does not have a server in its own location. This situation is more common for some foreign online games, or for some reason, we have to go to other local servers. The network we connect to ourselves, the connection speed is far from the required. And if we have a VPN, we can easily connect to the server we want to go, blame, earn gold coins, everything is not a problem, the speed is quite powerful.

If you are paying for a ticket, or if you are cheating on your own advertisement, you must know the usefulness of replacing the IP, because generally one IP can only vote one vote a day. If an IP multiple click advertisement is found, it will be considered as cheating or even a title. If we do not change the IP address, it will not reach our requirements.

And if we have a multi-server VPN, we can switch IPs at random, vote multiple times, click on ads multiple times, naturally it is not a problem. And sometimes it is necessary to change the IP address to protect your real network information.

How to own a VPN?

Since VPN has so many benefits, how can we have a VPN? There are 3 ways.

The first type is suitable for children who have one or more VPS or servers abroad. Set up a VPN on your own VPS or server, erect a large number of online search methods, and the erection method is very simple. Many children who like toss will set up a VPN on their foreign VPS.

Second, spend money to buy a VPN. Nowadays, many people on the Internet are engaged in VPN agents, and some of them are quite good.

Third, go online and find a free VPN. Many websites will use the free VPN signboard to attract users, but often, free things will have too many restrictions.

Now talk about the difference between these three VPNs. VPNs that are set up by themselves are cheap, because foreign VPSs are very cheap, but the VPNs they set up often have only one IP address, and you cannot switch IPs at will, because VPS generally only has one IP address, unless you purchase multiple IP addresses yourself. The VPNs purchased through the agent are generally multi-IP, there are dozens or even hundreds of IP addresses for you to choose and switch, but the domestic VPN proxy, the price is generally higher. The free VPN, as mentioned above, has many functional limitations, such as breaking the network every 20 minutes, using only 8 hours of account, limiting bandwidth traffic, and so on.

How to use VPN? How to operate?

How to operate and use after having a VPN? How to connect to this virtual private network?

If your VPN is a single IP, or if you only want to connect to an IP, then we can do this, open the computer’s network and sharing center, set up new connections and networks, connect to the work area (set to your Work area dial-up or VPN connection), create a new connection, use my Internet connection VPN, enter the VPN’s internet address (can be an IP address, or a URL), and then enter the corresponding account password, the connection is successful.

If your VPN is multi-IP, this situation is generally a VPN purchased, or a free trial VPN, then please use the dedicated client provided by your agent, enter the account password on the client, click on the login, click You can connect by the IP address you want to connect to.

After the connection is successful, search Baidu for “IP” and see if your IP address has changed.

The role of VPN is as follows:

1. For network acceleration By using VPN, you can improve the connection speed between you and the target server.

2. Used to improve the security of network access. Inevitably, you will need to access some untrusted sites or suspicious sites. After using VPN, your access data on the network is encrypted and hidden, avoiding the leakage of sensitive personal information.

3. Hide your real IP and encrypt the data.

4. Used to disguise the IP of a certain area.

5. Used to break through the LAN, such as a firewall.

The three access types of VPNs are classified according to the scope of application: remote access VPN, intra-enterprise VPN (intranet VPN), and enterprise extended VPN (external network VPN).

The application of these three VPN types:

1.Remote access VPN: The connection between the enterprise and the remote employees of the enterprise can be provided through multiple access technologies. The access method can be with a 56k modem, ISDN and XDSL. It is mainly used for virtual networks built by small employees of enterprise employees or enterprises through remote dialing.

2.Enterprise internal VPN (intranet VPN): The application is mainly to realize the secure interconnection of LANs in the user’s internal network.

3.Enterprise Extended VPN (External Network VPN): Combines the intranet VPNs of several enterprises to form a large virtual enterprise internal network, thus providing flexible and secure connections between enterprises and their business partners.


1. VPN enables mobile workers, remote employees, business partners, and others to connect to the corporate network using locally available high-speed broadband Internet connections (such as DSL, cable, or WiFi). In addition, high-speed broadband network connections provide a cost-effective way to connect to remote offices.

2. Well-designed broadband VPNs are modular and scalable. VPNs allow users to add new users to the network quickly and easily using an easy-to-set Internet infrastructure. This capability means that companies can provide a large amount of capacity and applications without adding additional infrastructure.

3, VPN can provide a high level of security , use advanced encryption and identification protocols to protect data from snooping, preventing data thieves and other unauthorized users from accessing this data.

4. Full control . The virtual private network allows users to take advantage of the ISP’s facilities and services while fully controlling the control of their own networks. Users only use the network resources provided by the ISP. For other security settings and network management changes, they can be managed by themselves. You can also create a virtual private network within your company.


1. Enterprises cannot directly control the reliability and performance of Internet-based VPNs. Organizations must rely on Internet service providers that provide VPNs to ensure the operation of the service. This factor makes it important for companies to sign a service-level agreement with an Internet service provider to sign an agreement that guarantees various performance metrics.

2. It is not easy for an enterprise to create and deploy a VPN line. This technology requires a high level of understanding of network and security issues and requires careful planning and configuration. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose an Internet service provider to run the VPN most of the time.

3. VPN products and solutions from different vendors are always incompatiblebecause many vendors are unwilling or unable to comply with VPN technology standards. Therefore, mixing products from different manufacturers may cause technical problems. On the other hand, using a vendor’s equipment may increase costs.

4. VPNs pose a security risk when using wireless devices. Roaming between access points is particularly problematic. Any solution that uses advanced encryption technology can be compromised when users roam between access points.

After comprehensive analysis, if you still intend to use the VPN service, you can come to the platform to see, the enterprise provides services for enterprises and individual users. We cooperate with professional suppliers engaged in information security product development in China to provide mature, perfect and stable enterprises. The high-performance VPN access solution provides enterprises with static VPN and dynamic VPN installation and debugging solutions commonly used in corporate office and mobile office.

The above is my understanding of VPN, the error is inevitable, please criticize and correct, everyone learn together and make progress together.

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